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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hello There Summer, I've Been Waiting For You.

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The thing I adore most about the Summer months is that pretty much all routines go out the window.

We are entering the season where to us life is all about spontaneity. Bare feet carrying us into long balmy nights, evening excursions and late night swims.

Dinner can be eaten just about anywhere, there is an open bar on icey poles, and bedtimes, well they happen eventually.

Bikes are the chosen mode of transport, chilled out music wins in the evenings over the TV and beds are stripped down to not much more than light and floaty cotton sheets.

Team Sports are winding up, homework is withering down to next to nothing and mangoes and all those gorgeous summer fruits no longer cost an arm and a leg like they do when they first appear in the stores.

The evening air is filled with the mouthwatering smells of BBQs sizzling, the late afternoon sea breeze comes wafting through enveloping you in a fine mist of salty sea air along with the sounds of kids laughing and playing out in the street long after the time they would normally be tucked up in their PJ'S.

The festive fairy lights adorning the exterior of the houses in the street cast a magical glow into the evening and turn the ordinary into something very special. Evening walks allow you to peek at twinkling Christmas trees placed near open windows where they sparkle and promise of excitement in the very near future.

Hello Summer. I've been waiting for you.

What do you look forward to most about the warmer Summer months?
What is the essence of Summer in your family?