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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Little Bits of Happy

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There are days when the simplest little things make me happy and cause a HUGE smile to spread all over my face.

Often those things are found when I am out and about going about my day, yet sometimes they are just simple little things around my home that give me the most joy.

I made a point of keeping my camera close by today and even though I never actually left the house I managed to capture a load of things that made me smile that kind of smile that I'm talking about.

Picture 1: A glass of Soda water becomes a little more special when it is drunk out of one of these milk bottles and with one of these pretty straws. (Straws are from Brown Paper Packages)

Picture 2: An $8 bunch of flowers from Woolies in a vase on my desk gives me something pretty to look at when I am supposed to be working.

Picture 3: A basket full of decorative balls - all of which were carefully chosen by my 5 year old stylist.

Picture 4: A fridge full of pictures drawn by little munchkins always makes me smile when I pass by it.

Picture 5: Ten minutes out of my office to read a new magazine and enjoy a cup of coffee while it is still hot.

Picture 6: Twine - for no other reason than the fact it is twine and I like twine.... a lot!

Picture 7:  Mad Max soaking up some rays.

What little things made you smile today?