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Thursday, 18 April 2013

In My Blog Reader - Home Decorating, Design and Styling Blogs

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I was getting all sweaty and fidgety as I put this week's blog list together. Not because I have any weird kind of fungal infection or nervous tic, I just freaking love Home and Design Blogs and I found the task of trying to choose just a few to share with you, well damn near impossible!

Home decorating is just one of my many addictions.

OK, the shopping for home wares and the purchasing of Home styling Magazines is a slightly bigger addiction, but I am a very much a major devotee to the art of foofing around my home.

I have 'The Look' down pat. You know 'The LOOK!'  That thing us women do where we stand with our hands on our hips, narrow our eyes and survey the room around us, looking for what we can move, paint or redecorate.

'The Look' usually sends the males in my house running like Harry Holt because they know they are about to be hit up for a loan of their muscles to move things around the house. And so they bolt before I can ask.

They so have me sussed!

Is it any wonder my family are happy to let me hide away with my iPad and pour over my favorite Home styling and design blogs?

It buys them time.

As long as I am reading blogs and magazines, they aren't moving furniture.

I'd call that a Win / Win!

Now I have only picked some of the blogs in my reader from this category because well frankly I didn't have enough hours to copy, cut and resize ALL the headers of ALL my favorite Home Blogs.

But I have added them and will continue to add them to my Blog Roll on the Side Bar.

And in case you missed the first 3 posts of this In My Blog Reader Series, you can find My Morning Cuppa Reads hereInspiring Woman here or Blogs That Make Me Laugh here.

OK people - Are you harboring any other Home Design Blogs that I have missed but I really SHOULD know about?

If you are - please please please - leave me the link or tell me the name of the blog in the comments so I can check them out.

Thank you :) and Happy Blog Reading!