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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Smart Cookie Lunchbox Treats with Bonus a Revenge Factor

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I feel kind of bad about being so smug about the kids going back to school this week ..... actually that's an outright lie, I don't feel bad at all, but I feel bad because I know I should feel bad but I don't.

Did you make sense of any of that?

For whatever reason I felt bad enough to let the kids make some cookies yesterday afternoon when they got home from school.

Here's a confession for you - they have asked me to make cookies for the past week but I told them the oven was broken because I really didn't feel like cleaning up the mess they create when they bake.... let's just chuck that in the feeling bad bucket with the rest of the guilt shall we.

So this guilty mum let them go for it, the cookie baking I mean. And when they finished whipping up a batch of chockie chip cookies I stole 3 to pack up in a cute little package for their school lunch box today.

Before you go and think awww what a nice way to make it up to the boys for your disgraceful lie Sonia, I still haven't forgotten their horrible behaviour they dished out as they fought their way through the school holidays - I am seriously scarred I tell you.

And so I made sure I packaged those little cookies up in the loudest but cutest packaging complete with washi tape and all for maximum embarrassment when they open them in front of their friends at lunchtime.

They will act all embarrassed, but I KNOW deep down they really do love these little things I do for them.

And so you see, everyone is happy in the end really - they got to make their cookies, I appeased my guilt and got a little bonus side revenge - For the win win and WIN.

Do you like to embarrass your kids make little lunchbox treats for your kids?
Do you lie about broken ovens, television and iPhones too?

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