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Friday, 25 October 2013

Sometimes You've Just Got to Drop it And Dance!

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There are moments where you hear a song and the beat is completely intoxicating - so much so that your toes start tapping, your hips start swaying and your arms reach up into the air and before you know it you are dancing like a rockstar with additional jiggly bits jiggling but minus that weird twerking shit.

And it feels good - MAN  it feels SO good.

Sadly I am not one to jump up on the dance floor any more - I am far to self conscious for that, but in the privacy of my own kitchen I can pump and grind it and rock out to the beat with the best of them.

Dancing - even if you are as clumsy and unco as me - is good for the soul. And when I am in that moment, I don't give a two hoots what I look like or what anyone thinks of me.

You just can't really think about mundane shit like that when you are lost in the music and concentrating on not falling over or breaking a leg.

It lifts your spirits and lightens your mood and that good mood, that awesome vibe, it lingers long after the music stops.

I'ts Don. It's Good.

Stop what you are doing right now and just dance for a few minutes.

Go on - I dare ya!

I was rocking out to the Lorde Album this morning. It is on High Rotation at the moment.