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Saturday, 1 February 2014

A New Weekend Blog Linky Party

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When I opened my eyes this morning I was all "Well hello there weekend, Come and give me a big pash cause I am soooo damn happy to see you". Alright so I didn't really make out with the weekend, but I thought about it and if the weekend had a mouth then quite possibly I.... this was so not supposed to go like this.

Let's start again.

I was thinking about my great love of the weekend and the time it gifts me to indulge in a few of the things I love to do... like for example sitting on my back deck with a cuppa or a cocktail (depending on the time of day of course) and visiting some of my fave blogs and catching up on what has been happening.

I use Bloglovin to follow blogs, but I also love to stumble upon link up parties where a whole stack of bloggers are congregating and I can jump from one to another discovering new faces and new voices as well as visiting old friends.

Blog link ups and blog hops are such a great way for readers to find new blog addictions and for bloggers to meet other bloggers so it's a total winner for all as far as I'm concerned.

So I thought I would start my own little link party each Saturday morning where other bloggers can feel free to link up a post and if they have time, pop on over and visit some of the other bloggers who have linked up. No pressure, no rules, just a bit of blog hopping fun.

All you do is link up a post from last week or a post from this time last year, what ever tickles your fancy. The link is open all week and a new one starts every Saturday morning at 6.00am. Easy peasy! Your blog can be about anything, anything at all.

So do you fancy joining in? If so, just link up your post below. In the meantime, I'm gonna go stand in the corner like Larry Loser and hope that some friends arrive to play with me soon.

To get things rolling, here's a post of mine from Feb last year...

And don't forget to link up also at my gorgeous pal's Bron from Maxabella on Friday's and Zanni from My Little Sunshine House on Sunday's too