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Friday, 21 February 2014

Weekend Rewind 3 - Replaying The Best of Aussie Blogging

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Since last weekend was rainy here in Sydney we had the perfect excuse to lay like broccoli and do not much at all. The kids went to town on the playstation, the hubby went between surfing and slothing and I planted my tush on the couch and caught up on some serious bloggy reading.

We didn't get out of our PJ's at all on Sunday and nor did we care... except when the pizza guy arrived but even then I just shoved the kids towards the door and said "Pizza's here, go get it".

What? Kids are ALWAYS in their PJ's so no one was going to judge them.

Summer's nearly over I say with regret. It's rolled around so quickly don;t you think? The cardies are coming out every other day and the leaves have already turned golden and started clogging up the pool filter.

On the overcast days I've started thinking about winterfying the house as a means of distraction from the absence of the sun. It's a good distraction given that to do this properly it involves hours of research on Pinterest and numerous trips to the home wares stores to take pics for my mood board. It's a fair trade off for having to say farewell to the sleep ins and lazy days and hello to the windy wet sidelines and crappy cups of canteen coffee that is just around the corner.

This weekend is being dictated by sports. There's a surfing comp on which means the hubby will be gone for half the weekend. There's some pro skateboarding expo on at Bondi Beach and the kids are begging to go, and then there's the 2 hours of Rugby grading which means that somewhere we will need to fit in a trip to the shops to fit up the squids with some new boots and padding. Not really the most exciting kind of shopping.

My Sammy is starting Rugby this year, moving across from soccer. My cute little fidget midget who blows over in the wind. God help any child that tries to squash that child because I really cannot promise that i will not run on to the field an tackle them myself. He will be padded, like REALLY padded, but I'm still nervous and have been drilling into him that if the ball lands in his hands then forget any fancy tactics, just run like Forrest and get the hell out of there.

Noooo I'm not at all nervous about this.... much.

I loved reading through all of your posts you linked up last weekend and here's just a few of my faves I wanted to share.

Zanni over at My Little Sunshine house had me wanting to just slow the hell down and soak up the quieter moments in my day with her beautiful post The Gentle Lull of Motherhood.

Kate had me literally on the end of my seat with her post The Girl In The Blue Dress - the horror of nearly losing your husband on the way back from registering your marriage - I cant even imagine.

I whooped with joy and relief with Kate when she was given the All Clear diagnosis and the news she had beaten the big C.

I get so sad and shitty that there is ever a need for anyone to come out of the closest because no one should feel they have to hide their preferences in the first place. I was reminded of this with Dee's post Just Like Ellen and Ellen .. I'm Gay . I mean seriously what year are we in, everyone should feel free to share who they love. It is love, perfect glorious love!

I swooned all over Lila's gorgeous Hand painted Love Pillows. I mean how could you not, they were soooo sweet and I feel a pillow painting marathon coming on again soon at our house.

And last but so not least I was inspired to start renovating after reading her tips and soaking up the pics of Cas's gorgeous renovated bathroom.

Ok it's time to get the party started this week and so along with my beautiful friend and co host Bron, we would like to invite you to link up your favourite post from the past week. Then as you do at any good party, hop around and mingle with some of the other gorgeous blogs who have linked up. Man that sounded so formal didn't it? 

Well it's not formal, just fun and it doesn't matter if you link up here on my blog or over on Bron's blog (Maxabella), your link will show up in both places. 

The party starts every Friday night at 8pm and links will close on Sunday nights at midnight so get linking.

What have you got planned for this weekend?
Do you or your kids participate in any weekend sports?