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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Clever Crochet Projects From Around The Web

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I have a thing for crochet at the moment. Actually I have a thing for lots of things at the moment - seaweed snacks, tacos, lemon & lime chewing gum, confetti anything and gorgeous kids that are so worn out they put themselves to bed super early.... oops sorry that last one was a little wishful thinking on my behalf.

Moving on.

When I was cleaning out my bedside table yesterday I discovered the blanket I am three quarters of the way through making. I had put it away a few weeks ago and clear forgot all about it. Kind of like all the half finished projects that I have forgotten about and are currently taking up real estate in my lady cave. I will no doubt discover them when I am supposed to be doing something else like filing or my BAS.

So anyway, I lovingly stroked my blanket for a bit before shoving it unceremoniously back into the bedside table and getting on to Pinterest to look for something else to crochet.

Clearly I have the focus of a goldfish.

Any hoo - here's some super cute crochet projects I found from super clever crochet ninjas from around the web... you know just in case you have some filing or tax to do.

Tacos anyone?

And just in case you have not yet had a chance to learn to crochet there are some great tutorials (including videos) by Pip over here at Meet Me At Mikes

How's your focus when it comes to projects? Do you have numerous things on the go?