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Friday, 1 August 2014

An Introduction and An Eerily Sane Sonia

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Top of the morning to you people.

Yeah I know what you are thinking, it's quite a contrast to yesterday morning's cranky cow mood right? What's going on? What strange zen like creature has possessed our Sonia?

No I haven't been swigging on cough syrup and I haven't Velcro-ed my kids to the back fence either.

I think it's just a case of my kids being a little scared that the psycho mum from yesterday will make an appearance and so they weren't game enough to try me this morning.

Either that or zombies ate my brain whilst I slept last night and I am now incapable of feeling much at all.


I am sitting here sipping my coffee in a relatively sane state of mind, enjoying the surprise of a mostly stress free morning and the serenity it brings, and I'm not into semantics.

So anyway this morning I am over at Sam & Kylie's place - DIY decorator, where I am sharing some of my most fave places to shop.

If you are into DIY decorating like I am and you are after ideas and inspirations and the heads up about where to find the latest and the greatest in home wares and design - then you need too bookmark these gals right now.

So pop on over here to check out some of my favourite places to shop and have a squizz around, and don't forget to pop back tonight to link up with The Weekend Rewind.

Happy Friday!