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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Kiwi Fruit Coping Cordial

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Whilst in my mind, I am a perfectly poised and shining example of parenting with patience... the reality is somewhat difference and there are some days that all I can do is whip myself up a batch of Mummy’s Coping cordial and go and hide in a corner somewhere. Somewhere preferably with headphones on and armed with an industrial size of Cadburys and a straight jacket.

Whether you are experiencing one of 'those days' and need a good old dose of Mummy’s Coping Cordial, or, you are just looking for a tasty new cocktail to sip on - I have you sorted with this delicious toe curling Kiwi Fruit Margarita.,
Tell me - how are you coping with the holidays? No REALLY?
Doing OK or need a bucket of these to get you through?