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Monday, 21 September 2015

Let's Take it Outside

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Drooling over other peoples gardens and back yards on the internet, in magazines and from the street just so happens to be one of my most fave past times.

That and drooling over divine interiors and clever crafty creations by clever crafty people and kicking back by the pool with the music blaring and the sandalwood burning and... I wont go on because I am completely losing my train of thought and you are thinking I am getting weirder by the word.

My point is I have a thing for gorgeous backyards and with Spring finally showing up and the weather hinting at getting a little warmer, I am itching to get outdoors and remove every last trace of winter from my own backyard.

So how does one get motivated to take on such a mammoth task?

Ahhh they pour them selves a G&T and sit on the couch with their trusty mac and look at the internet of course!


I'll save you all the effort and hard work - here's some totally drool worthy backyards I prepared earlier.

Happy Monday people. xx
clockwise from top left
clockwise from top left
clockwise from top left