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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Ultimate Cranky Premenstrual Mole Indulgence

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 Ok so as soon as I ate this I PROMISED myself I would go on a diet.

It's just that the kids have been sick and I wanted to cheer them up and I've been an extra cranky mole being all premenstrual like and then I didn't want to make the kids wait whilst I photographed these for this blog post and so I made extra and then... well I may have eaten them myself.

Oh whatever, don't judge me.

YOU trying get a whiff of the banana and chocolate hazelnut melting together and then NOT actually eat one... *ahem* ok TWO for yourself.

I guess you would call these more of a dessert toastie, but desert deSHMERT!

I say serve them whenever and however... and especially when you are premenstrual.

You cannot get simpler than this recipe you guys.

Slather some Nutella on the insides of your bread, slice up some banana and maybe some strawberries too if you feel so inclined, whack them in the sandwich press for a couple of minutes and serve. 


You thought there was more to it than that? 

Ha! Nup, you can literally be scoffing this within minutes.

You're SO welcome ;)

Any other quick and easy treats I should know about? 
The diet can always start Monday!

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