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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My Heart is Breaking Because My Child Is Being Bullied

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A whole week has gone by and whilst I have had so much to write about and talk about I have not had a single spare moment to sit down and actually write anything at all.

How crazy is it at this time of the year... what with school winding down, Christmas sneaking up and all the craziness that comes with the end of year.

We've had a roller coaster ride this past month and between you me and the rest of the world, I am so ready for this year to be over.

All around I hear from people that this particular year has been extraordinarily overwhelming on so many levels. Socially, environmentally, politically and economically. To me it feels like the months have been speeding up faster and faster and we are all just hanging on for dear life.

I'm looking forward to that break over Christmas where we can all just stop, even if it is just for a little while and unselfishly absorb ourselves in our families and friends for a while.

My anxiety is still rattling me at the moment. I feel like I am in a constant state of fright or flight, ready to bolt or fight or just crawl up in a little ball and cry... I'm tired, I'm emotional and I feel more fragile than I have in a long long time.

A lot of it has to do with my youngest son who is having an awful time at school at the moment . It really is no surprise that my anxiety levels have been off the charts... let alone his.

So many times I have sat down to write about this and I have held myself back because I know there are people from school who read my blog and I was worried about having people think it was their child who was doing this when it is not... please believe, you will know if it is your child involved in this.

But honestly - why should I bite my tongue any longer? I am a blogger and I blog about life and this sadly is happening in my life right now and I hope to God that by me talking about it, it will encourage others to talk about it too and one by one every parent and child who is going through this will find the courage to stand up and say this is not ok.

Whilst I of course would never name any names I do want to talk about this because I want every other child and parent who is dealing with this to know that we / they should be talking about this and it is NOT OK. Physical and verbal bullying is NEVER OK.

Whether your child is being bullied or your child happens to be the bully, we cannot NOT talk about this.

My son has had his life made miserable this past year by these boys and we hoped this would just go away. We have supported him through it, we have pleaded with the school to help, we have told him not to retaliate and we have told him to avoid these kids wherever possible to avoid it.

Look, I know my child is not a saint... believe me I know this. But whose child is? Regardless he does not deserve this. No one deserves this.

I'm not talking about a bit of playground argy bargy and behind the back whispers... it's been ongoing physical and emotional torment that just doesn't ease up despite how many times we complain or try to have it stopped.

I am proud of the fact that my boy stands up for his friends and for other kids when he sees this happening, but he does not go to school to be a protector or to have to protect himself and unfortunately it seems that him telling a teacher about this or defending others is as good as putting a big fat target on his head in those bullies eyes.

It literally breaks my heart into a billion pieces.

Yesterday it happened again and he was pushed into a corner... in the classroom and not only was he verbally harassed and abused, he was hit, scratched and put into a strangle hold head lock. He came home from school such a complete physical and emotional wreck with bruises and scratches on him and I feel so far beyond sick and desperate... I just can't tell you.

I have had parents ring me to see if he is ok because their children came home from school and told them what happened and I am just in utter disbelief that this can happen with kids this age and... in class!

I am trying so hard... SO HARD to trust that the school will control this and I and digging deep to find some compassion for these kids but where is the compassion for my child when this won't stop? My child and other children who are being hurt .... what am I supposed to do? What are we supposed to do?

How can we protect them when this continues to happen?

No really, I need your advice because my heart is breaking here.

Have you ever dealt with this?
What did you do? What would you do?
Did you confront the parents of these children?

Please know that I have no expertise whatsoever with dealing this kind of thing but I do know that bullying of any kind anywhere is not ok and you and your child DO NOT have to put up with it.

If you find yourself in a similar situation I urge you to speak to your school immediately and whatever authorities you have to to ensure that the appropriate action is taken and your child is safe. Do not feel pressured to brush this under the carpet you guys... PLEASE!!!

Kids Helpline is also there to support you and your child - 1800 55 1800.