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Monday, 19 December 2016

The Rose Gold Christmas I was GOING To Have

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I'm gong to confess - our house doesn't look anywhere near as Christmassy as it usually does at this time of the year. There are reasons why... which would require a whole other blog post that I totally plan on doing tomorrow.

However, if I was more organised AND I was feeling a little more like sprucing up the house, AND if I had the time to do a do-over for Christmas this year, I would be ging rose gold ALL the way baby!

I had all the best intentions to make this Christmas a rose gold one... I even had Pinterest boards all set up to inspire me.

Alas, all I can offer you apart from a shrug of he shoulders is some gorgeous rose gold Christmas inspiration that I may just get around to... next year!

What's your Christmas theme this year?
Do you change it up every year?

1. Rose Gold Leaf Garland 2. Rose Gold Christmas Wreath 3. Rose Gold Christmas Wrap and bells 4. Rose Gold Love Balloon 5. Rose Gold Christmas Ornaments 6. Rose Gold Mason Jars 7. Rose Gold DIY Christmas Tree 8. Rose Gold Christmas Reindeer