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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

WIN A Life Saving Gift For Your Best Furry Friend This Christmas

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First and Second Prize Winners - Shannon at MyTomorrow and Jo Taylor

What do a bag of potting mix and a kilo of chicken sausages have in common?

Nope this isn’t a dad joke and nor is it a trick question…

No, really!

Any guesses?

OK, I’ll break first.

A bag of potting mix and a kilo of chicken sausages were the two things I went out to get on two separate occasions, and on both occasions I came home with fur babies instead.


I guess I just fell in love with these gorgeous dogs and I kind of got distracted from what I was supposed to be doing.

The potting mix was my first offence and in my defence I was in a wheelchair with a broken up leg and I may or may not have been somewhat emotional and not quite myself at the time.

I somehow persuaded my husband to take me in my wheelie mobile and our 3 year old and 8 month old to a gardening centre to get a bag of potting mix for… oh I don’t know, some sort of planting project I was obviously planning on getting the hubby to do whilst I sat in my wheelchair and supervised.

However, somewhere between the petunias and the potting mix I got lost and miraculously I was found sometime later in a pet store within the complex cuddling a 4month old white poodle.

He was a shaggy little thing… very un-poodleish like, but man that happy pup won me over all the same.

Between his puppy eyes and my puppy eyes, and three year old declaring “this is the most beautiful sheep ever” the husband wearing our 8 month old in a pouch on his front really didn’t stand a chance.

That adorable little ball of fluff was swiftly adopted, given the name Max and off I wheeled into the sunset with my new poodle on my lap and not a single bag of potting mix to be seen.

6 years later and back on two feet, I ventured out to grab some chicken sausages for dinner.

Once again I was distracted from my dinner mission by a fluffy little Groodle's face staring at me through a pet store window.

I stopped and I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

She told me her name was Milly and she was put on this earth to even out the 5 males to 1 female ratio at our home and she begged me to take her home so that she could fulfil her sole life’s purpose…

Ok, so she was sort of busy showing me how she could chew the head of a plastic chicken, but I know that was what she was totally thinking.

Would you believe it… once again I found myself walking out with an adorable little ball of fluff in my arms Milly and not a single chicken sausage for dinner.

Now, I would like to tell you that we all lived happily ever after - the hubby and I with our three boys and two beautiful fur babies Max and Milly… but I would kinda sorta be lying… like a lot.

Granted, these gorgeous dogs of ours have given us so much joy and unconditional love. They have kept our boys company when they’ve been sad, scared or lonely and they are always there beside us in a show of their unwavering camaraderie. But, much like us humans, they have too definitely have their own unique quirks.

Max is completely neurotic and so far beyond obsessed with me that I cannot even go to the loo without him coming too. He will literally begin to fret if I am gone for longer than 20 seconds. That said - he is extremely loyal and faithful and the most ferociously licky guard dog you ever will meet.

Milly is klutzy and playful, but she too went through her own difficult phase in which she developed a ‘thing’ for not only eating the house but everything in it too.

Oh, you think I am kidding don’t you?

Ummmm nope I’m not even!

Apart from the day she chowed down on the arm of a brand new couch arm (the day after it was delivered), we also once came home to find many an unpleasant surprise in those first few months.

In addition to the furniture replacement and household repairs, we have financially contributed to many a jolly veterinarian’s holiday funds.

I mean, the fact that Max ate a rat bait when we took him away with us to a family holiday in a Mudgee winery and we had to have his stomach pumped in a remote country vet clinic was probably a good sign of what to expect.

But then there was the time that we had to cancel another family holiday to pay for Milly’s dislocated knee and cruciate ligament surgery, just a mere 2 months after she came to live with us.

Speaking of holidays… there was that two week vacation at a resort in the Hunter Valley.

No, no… not for us.

Nope that fabulous vacay was at the luxurious doggy resort that Max and Milly went to stay at when we humans treated ourselves to Bali to celebrate my midlife crisis.

OK, so the Doggy resort may have been overkill, but the guilt I was feeling at leaving our babies behind could only be soothed by me knowing they were eating BBQ chicken dinners and being very well cared for in their luxury doggy Villas… and yes… the complimentary doggy limo transfers and nightly text messages and photos sent to us in Bali were such a fabulous extras that I simply couldn’t resist.

It turns out that these fur babies were always going to cost us much more than just our love, but hot dignity dang they are worth it because the love that they give back to us and our boys?

Money just can’t buy that kind of love.

Twice we have nearly lost our precious Max and Milly.

A few years back we had a particularly bad tick season here on the northern beaches and both of them were paralysed from tick poisoning within a month of each other… the month before Christmas time.

Aside from the gut wrenching realisation on both occasions that losing our beautiful dogs to the tick poisoning was highly possible, the vet bills very nearly crippled us. We are talking over a $1000 each you guys for their vet bills and hospital stays.

I don’t know about you guys, but that is some big bickies we are talking about.

Thankfully, unlike so many dogs and cats that die every year from tick bites, our beautiful pups were among the lucky ones and they survived and came home to spend Christmas with us - home where they belong, hogging the bed and claiming their spots on the family room couch.


The team behind Bravecto understand just how important our beloved family dogs are to us and so they are all about protecting them. Their oral dog chews are designed to not only taste good to our canine pals, they also deliver 3 months’ protection from fleas and 4 months paralysis tick protection in a single dose and cater for dogs of all weights and sizes.

Yep that’s peace of mind I tell you.

You can find out more about Bravecto or where to buy it by visiting their website here or pop on over to their Facebook here or their @bravectoau Instagram account.

Bravecto also want to make sure that not only are our fur babies very much a part of our Christmas, but they maybe even have something special wrapped under the tree for them this Christmas too. So, with that in mind, they have given me - 20 Bravecto Christmas Packs to give away to you guys.

But there is a catch you guys… of course there is. You… or your dogs have to entertain me, move me or melt me somehow to be in with a chance to win one of these prize packs.

Simply entertain me with a story about your family pup in the comments below. Share a photo them all dressed up, or tell me about something naughty or funny they got up to so I don’t feel so alone with my own doggy delinquents. Perhaps it’s a favourite memory with your furry best friend, a tale about how they got their name or how they came to be a part of your family. Just leave me a comment below to enter.

First and second prize will each win a $25 Coles Myer Gift voucher, 1 pack of Bravecto and a Bravecto Cooler Bag.

Eighteen Runners up, yep eighteen, will each win a pack of Bravecto suited to your dog’s weight and size.

OK you guys - shoot! Delight me with your doggy antics!


Competition is open to Australian residents only and for full terms and consitions see here.

Competition is open now and closes at 12pm midday AEST on 6th January 2017.