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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Too Pooped To Pop - An Explanation of Sorts

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Can you believe that we are a hairs breath from being into March already...

MARCH you guys!

How the flip did that happen?

One minute we were on school holidays and the next... well the next I'm sitting here writing a blog post an lamenting how it is nearly bloody March!

I have been the worst blogger this year. THE WORST.

I have all the best intentions of blogging, I have had tons of ideas, a billion thoughts and a squillion projects on the go that I could share and yet... all you really have had from me this year so far is crickets and tumbleweeds.

I wonder every day what all my bloggy friends are up to and I ache to read and comment on all the blogs that I love to visit and yet I just haven't and I'm so sorry for that.

The truth is - I am tired.

I am soooo unbelievably tired right now and if it weren't for the fact that I have been working seven days a week (including at least a couple of nights a week too) since pretty much last October, I would seriously question if I was unwell.

I'm not unwell though thankfully... well not like properly unwell, although I copped a good old dose of the flu late last week which was pretty much like my body standing up on a podium and screaming into a loud speaker at me directly into my ear canal.... "SLOW DOWN YOU MORON".

The emotions of last year and what went on with my youngest son and school really took it's toll on me, more than I realised. Then the nerves and anxiety around him starting at a new school this year and one of my older ones starting at high school... well all of that anxiety chewed through a shitload of adrenalin and now that everything and everyone is settled and happy and peaceful once more my bucket of adrenalin is all dried up and I am finding myself a little too pooped to pop.

When I am tired like this, I get all emotional (read A LOT emotional) and I tend to withdraw from everything and everyone and hide away in my own little cocoon. I don't feel much like talking some days, which yes I know is VERY unlike me the verbal spewer, but I feel sort of raw and exposed and not wanting to put myself out there very much in case someone says something that sends me over the edge.

Someone asked me the other day at the studio "Are you ok Sonia, you look very tired" and I promptly burst into tears. BIG FAT irrational tears which made this poor woman recoil in horror and I could see the regret she had  over asking me that question literally dripping like sweat from her forehead.

I get it though, I'm not a pretty cryer!!!

The good news is I have finally found a gorgeous woman who I have hired to help me run the workshops, which means I will finally get at least one of my weekend days back and most of my nights too and the thought of that has me dancing on tables (all be it in my head only) and has given me a MUCH needed boost.

Anyway, blah blah blah... I just thought I would sort of explain what's been going on as I know I have worried some people lately with my radio silence and your kind and thoughtful messages and checking in on me has been unbelievably appreciated and well... I guess I just wanted to let you know that all is AOL and you can expect me to return to my normal program of relentless chatter very very soon.

How are you lot doing though?
Do you withdraw when you are tired too?
Do you have any magic cures or pick me ups I should know about?