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Monday, 12 June 2017

The Ultimate Vivid Experience

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So last week turned out to be a little more eventful than we expected. 

We kinda knew it was going to be a big week given the week was host to my oldest boy's 16th birthday, my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary, and my birthday too... but it was a leeeettle bigger than we could have planned for.

We were recently invited by Ford to experience the Ford 'Freedom of Movement' installation at Vivid and given none of us have experienced Vivid before - we were keen as, and so on Wednesday night we packed the gang into the car and headed off to Manly wharf to catch a ferry into the city. 

Admittedly, the weather was pretty crappy that afternoon and not long after we set off, we found ourselves driving straight smack bang into a storm with thunder and lightening and bucketloads of rain. Unfortunately that wasn't the only thing that went smack bang that night... nope... on our way to the wharf, another driver drove her car smack bang into the back of ours at 60kms and hour and we consequently went smack bang into the car in front of us.

It was not quite what we had planned for the night... obviously... and all ideas of going to Vivid were quickly forgotten in the chaos that ensued.

I am not even kidding when I tell you how so incredibly lucky we were that night. Even the Ambos who arrived could not quite believe that we were all walking away from the crash with nothing more than seat belt burns and bruises. 

I can't even begin to think about how much worse it could have been. 

I mean, my poor little Betty (our nickname for our car) would probably argue with me about the definition of 'worse'... but well, you know what I mean right? When something like that happens and your kids are in the car... I just can't.

After a few days to get over the shock of our rather eventful first attempt, we decided to give it another go and so last night we headed back to the ferry and into the city, determined to experience VIVID in all it's glory.

Two of the kids didn't come with us this time... they weren't quite ready for the car trip just yet (that's a whole other story), and so it was just me, the hubby and one very entertaining and very excited ten year old Flynn.

Ahhh Sydney... she SO did not let us down. 

We've never been to Vivid before so we don't really have anything to compare too, but we are told it just gets bigger and better every year.

The Ford 'Freedom of Movement' installation down at Dawes Point (Hickons Rd The Rocks) is amazeballs, check that... amazeballs with a cherry on top.  You can actually get up close and ride the swings with the kids, or, if you prefer to keep both feet on the ground - the light show is something else and definitely worthy of a gander.

"Drawing inspiration from Henry Ford’s vision: “to change the way the world moves” — Freedom of Movement comes to life through a set of humble swings that combine the wonder of motion with the freedom to ‘go further’. This simple pleasure — the sensation of movement and the delight it creates — is what drives Ford to ‘Go Further’: to push beyond the limits of our imagination, to innovate, and to move people in new ways."

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Vivid's 23 day festival of lights, ideas and music ends on the 17th June, so there is still plenty of time to head into the city and check it out. 

It's massive and spread all throughput the city, so read up and plan your trip here so that you can take in as many of the incredible displays as possible and maybe even download the app here to experience the audio tour.

Have fun.

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