Tuesday 9 October 2012

He Knows What Turns Me On!

My husband had a a moment of sheer genius on Saturday Night. He is not just a pretty face with a hunky bod to boot - this man has creativity flowing through his veins and he knows what turns me on *insert appropriate shade of blushing* ..... Margaritas!

You totally thought I was gonna blurt out something really kinky didn't you? Go on admit it you dirty little minds you.

He had this brilliant idea to use the kids slushy machine that Santa brought them last year, to make us Margaritas. Oh I love this man and his evil mind.

We had some Margarita Mix which he threw into the machine with a bucket load of Tequila and hey presto - the perfect Margarita. We may have had a few of those little babies.

The kids thought we were the cruelest parents on earth as the poor little buggers were so beside themselves with excitement when they saw Daddy making slushies - bless their naive little souls. They were totally devo'ed when they were told that the slushies were for Mummy and Daddy and not them. But hey ... I made them a cake.....

One of my twitter buds sent me this picture for my hubby. He loved it and for the record he is not afraid of any judgment - scoring brownie points with his wife is worth the crime, and he is so not afraid to write to Santa and tell him that the kid's Slushie machine has been kinda hijacked and they need a replacement one please.

I'm telling you, your kid's Slushie machine is perfect for summertime cocktails. You can pretty much make cocktails out of anything except for diet drinks, cause they don't freeze - but meh who wants a diet cocktail anyway?

You can get the Margarita mix from my friend Dan Murphy, but don't let your imagination stifle your appetite. Think frozen cranberry and vodka, pineapple juice and Bacardi, fresh lime juice, soda and vodka do I need to go on?

Go on, dig out your kids slushie machine and make it earn it's keep. What you don't have one?

SANTAAAAAA You had better stock up on Slushie machines for this Christmas!

Do your kids have any toys that you have reclaimed as your own?
Do you remember the old Mr Frosty? 
Yeah Baby - Let's make Grown up flavoured Snow cones!