Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Make Your Own iPhone Cover With Washi Tape

I have iPhone case envy. No really. 
You know how when you are pregnant, you notice everyone elses pregnant bellies and you admire and compare? Or Pram envy was another major phase of mine.

Well now I have evolved to phone case envy. But being on my tight ass budget these days, I don't have the money to splash out on a new case whenever I get the urge.

So I made my own with all the washi tape I have lying around. I knew that huge box of tape I have been collecting would come in handy one day.

You can pretty much dress up any cover you already have and the best bit is you can rip it off and start again whenever you get bored with the look. Which in my case is often.

Here's the very basic and I mean very very basic steps I took to fancy up my existing cover.

So I don't think my cover will generate any iPhone envy, but it make me a little happy and that's what counts right?

Fancy doing a little iPhone Washi tape DIY for yourself?

Do you suffer of any sort of envy?
What are you eyeing off at the moment?