Wednesday 11 March 2015

The One That Was Supposed to Be Wordless... Ha!

I was totally going to do a Wordless Wednesday post today.

I know right - totally laughable!

Wordless is not something that is generally used to describe me.

A rabbiter? Yes

Chatty? Yes

Talkative? Yes

Rambler? Yes

Easily distracted and can disrupt other class members? Oh wait - that was my school report.

I haven't received a school report for at least *cough cough* years now but I do remember that you could pretty much count on the words 'easily distracted' and 'can disrupt others' being in there from at least a few teachers.

*ahem* OK Mum... MOST teachers.

I have the same problem with my boys.

They too like to have a chat and are rarely at a loss for words... except for when I ask who left the bread open or who drank all the milk and then they suddenly become mute.

If you ever pay a visit to their classroom you will easily find my boys as they are the ones sitting right at the front where the teachers can shush them if need be.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we live in a very noisy house where everyone talks loudly over the top of each other to be heard so when it's quiet at school they are all "woohoo, let's chat".

At the dinner table; we have to take it in turns to speak because otherwise we are all going at it a million words per minute and no one is really talking to anyone or being heard for that matter. It just ends up being a whole lotta noise.

Is your house like that?

You know - headache inducing super noisy where you live for the silence that finally comes when everyone is asleep?

Or do you have one of those quiet peaceful homes that makes me green with envy?

Of course when it comes to the school chitter chat I do the proper mum thing where I pull my sternest head at them and say stuff like "you can't talk in class" yada yada because I have to at least pretend to be a responsible adult even though I am still the one that at meetings gets the 'shutup' look from people around me.

I think that's probably why I like to blog.

I just simply have a lot to say and clearly too much to ever really participate in a Wordless Wednesday post... which is what I actually set out to do today.

Anyway. Here's a bit of a phone dump from what's been happening around here this past week.

I would have provided captions for you but I think there has been enough drivel from me today.

How are you doing? What are you up to at the moment?
Are you a chatter box too? Do you like Burritos?