Monday 27 June 2016

Why I Won't Compete With You

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It's hard to not want to compete or compare in today's world... right?

I mean, look around you and everywhere you see people doing awesome things and achieving great success. Whether it be that they are a successful business person, an awesome mum, an inspiring friend, blogger, writer, actor, a good at whatever kind of person... we are surrounded by winners and it's hard not to feel a little envious.

It's easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to those who are succeeding around you and possibly even deciding that you need to compete yourself on some level.

Before you know it, somewhere from deep inside your consciousness there's a little you standing crouched at the starting line, looking left and right sizing up the competition as she waits for the crack of the starting gun.

Perhaps that little you went into the race saying "I don't care about winning" but once the adrenalin started pumping and the electric anticipation seeped into her bloodstream, she couldn't help but get caught up in the moment and compare herself to her rivals.

It's absolutely perfectly normal to want to win, to compete and to triumph, although many of us don't want to admit it out loud because for fear of failing or being judged.

And though I do not believe it is all that healthy for us to do so - it is totally normally to compare ourselves to others who are running in the same race.

The reality is - we all want to be successful at something don't we?

Who doesn't crave a little of the jubilation and pride that comes with being considered 'good' at whatever it is you choose to focus on?

But then who actually said we have to compete to be good at that something?

Who says there can only be one winner?

By attempting to compete with someone else, we are pretty much deciding that there will definitively be a winner and a loser.

That's how it generally goes right?

Someone will rise above the others as the successful one and the rest... well what happens to the rest of us? Does the fact that we don't win mean we have failed?


Here's the thing... there is no cap on success and there is no big bucket of success that can run dry.

Success is unlimited and we do not have to compete for it.

There is also no reason at all to compare ourselves.

By competing we are limiting ourselves and our belief that there is enough success in the world for all of us to enjoy.

The reality is EVERYONE can succeed.

Including you.

And me.

I believe that if I run my own race, with no one but myself ... I WILL WIN.

I mean how could I not?!

That's why I will no longer compete with you and I hope you choose not to compete with me or anyone else too.

Do you get stuck in the comparison game? 
Have you ever felt like just because someone else has succeeded in something, there is no room left for you to succeed too? I have!