Tuesday 12 July 2016

A Holiday On Our Doorstep

The one thing I forgot to factor in when I went into business for myself was the fact that taking time off to go away with the family would prove to be harder than a piece of lego hidden in a rug.

Anyone who has stepped on one of those little plastic pieces of death know exactly HOW HARD I mean when I say hard!

It's been nearly a year since we opened the doors to Little Lane Workshops and whilst it has been an exciting and exhilarating and completely rewarding ride, it has also been a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and 7 day working weeks.

Totally worth it though, and I am so proud of what we have achieved in these first twelve months.

That said, I'm not gonna lie... It got to the point that I felt I REALLY needed a break and the kids needed a break with us and the hubby needed a surfing trip to the Maldives kind of break... but that was SO NOT going to happen (sorry Carl).

So we did the next best thing (OK maybe NEXT best thing is pushing it a little but whatevs) we packed up the car and drove the whole 2 minutes down the road to Narrabeen Lakeside Park for a 3 day mini staycation in the waterfront villas with the Uber Family.


High rollers aren't we?!

Truth be told, this turned out to be the perfect break. Family, friends, fave local eateries, spectacular scenery, snags on the barbie, cold G&Ts on the deck... all without the need for hours spent in the car or a plane, what more could you ask for really?

The kids rode bikes and played ball, fished and SUPed until they were well and truly knackered.

We grown ups did pretty much the same but stayed up later drinking wine and jamming on guitars (I have to tell you - Kate's husband Adam plays a mean tune) but at the end of the night, no one had to drive anywhere - we all just crawled back to our own cosy villas.

Perfectly simple.

Simply perfect.

That's pretty much how I'd describe our holiday on our doorstep.

Have you ever stayed away from home but super close to home?
Are you like me & prefer a little lux glamping to rugged camping?