Monday 13 March 2017

So THAT'S What's Wrong With Me...

For ages now I have been feeling like an old flogged donkey trekking the path and getting nowhere.

I've been a cranky and impatient moll (crankier and more impatient than usual).

My brain has been foggy,  I've lacked my usual enthusiasm, my anxiety has been off the charts and I've been so irrationally emotional... like ridiculously teary.

Then there's the tiredness... oh my lord the overwhelming tiredness that no amount of sleep or caffeine or Married at First Site marathon was capable of curing.

I assumed it was because I've sorta been pushing it hard on the work front for quite some time now, generally working 7 days a week and then staying up till all hours after work trying to you know 'wind down' (catch up on recorded trash tv).

Admittedly though, in the back of my mind - I was starting to get a little anxious about how I was feeling, but I figured it would all sort itself out and I'd begin to feel more human and less donkey's ass again... eventually.

When I had to visit the Drs last week for a script, the hubby who has been badgering me for some time about getting checked out, insisted that I raise my 'tiredness' with the Dr.

So I did.

Indeed, true to my word I rattled off all the other symptoms I'd been experiencing on top of the tiredness and crankiness, things like... my hair falling out and blocking the drains (like LOTS of it), the headaches that was making me moody as fudge, people commenting on how pale I looked and yada yada.

I knew he was sitting there waiting for me to say 'and in conclusion' and then offer up some kind of Google self diagnosis like I usually would, but when he realised I couldn't even be assed with doing that, he promptly sent me off for some blood tests.

Turns out I am iron deficient, really iron deficient.

Like so super dooper low LOW iron levels that even the most starving of vampires wouldn't bother sniffing me as a pre dinner snack.

Well I'll be damned right?!

Some high doses of iron and possibly an infusion or two and I should be good as gold and feeling back to my old self again. Of course I will get the other check ups done to make sure the deficiency isn't being caused by something worrying other than the fact that I don't eat red meat.... but WHY did I wait so long?

Seriously, why did I let myself feel like crap for so many months when a quick visit to the Doctor could have put a stop to the crappiness?

Well I know why.

Because I am a wuss - that's why.

Yup, a dead set WUSS.

I'll happily drag my family and friends off to the Doctors for peace of mind, but I totally stick my head in the sand when it comes to myself, but I am the first to admit that my theory of "what I don't know, won't hurt me" really is a lame cop out.

How are you with going to the Doctors?
Are you on top off it or do you put it off hoping things will get better by themselves like I do?
Have you been low in Iron?