Sunday 2 October 2011

"But Mum - We are just doing what the sign says"

Common Sense is a wonderful thing, if you are lucky enough to have it.

Unfortunately the day I did this little project, I was quite obviously lacking in this department.

You see I have always admired those gorgeous EAT signs you see in people's kitchens and I so wanted one of my very own. I looked around at various shops and hunted online, and I just could not bring myself to part with the money ($50-$100) the various outlets wanted for these signs.

So being the creative little bee I sometimes am, I decided to have a crack at making one myself.

I brought the paper mache letters from spotlight for $4.99 each and I painted them in my favourite colour red. Easy peasy Japaneasy. I just stuck them to my pantry door with some double sided tape, poured myself a vodka & cranberry (red to match the sign) and toasted myself and my lovely homemade EAT sign.

Now here's the part where I was obviously missing the common sense chip the day I made that fabulous sign. I wandered into the kitchen and found all three boys digging around for snacks in the pantry. Tired of shopping continuously for food, only to have it all eaten in a matter of days, I snapped at them with "What are you guys doing? Stop eating all the food!"  My middle son Sam stared at me with his oh so innocent expression and replied "But Mum, we are only doing what the sign says - EAT!"

Yeah, he so got me on that one! Perhaps I had better put a little extra thought into my future projects around this house. Maybe a sign that said CLEAN YOUR ROOM, would have been a better idea.


  1. Haha somehow I don't think the 'clean your room' letters would get as much a reaction!

    Love it though. Looks great x


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