Tuesday 4 October 2011

Guest Post at The Parenting Files - The worries of worries

Today I am so excited to be doing my first Guest Post over at The Parenting Files. Yayyyy!

Tahlia from the Parenting Files was one of the first of the many gorgeous people I have met since I entered the wonderful Blogosphere nearly 1 months ago, and I am so grateful she has given me this opportunity to be on her fabulous site.  Make sure you head over and allow yourself a good chunk of time to spend on reading all her wonderful posts.

I am a HUGE worrier, and my friends will tell you that I worry if I have nothing to worry about, you know just in case I am missing something I should be really worried about. Add compulsive Worrier to my many other neurotic labels I have and you are starting to get the picture of the truly dysfunctional Sonia. You can read my post about 'worrying' here.

Oh heck - now I am worried whether or not you are going to like my post.....

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