Thursday 6 October 2011

Dip Dip, You're it! 10 Things you really didnt NEED to know about me.

Ok I have had my first official Blog equivalent of 'tag you're it'. I have been tagged by Alive and Blogging to share with you 10 things you didn't really NEED to know about me.

Now laugh as you may, but this is actually a really hard one for someone like me to pull off as I am not known for being one to hold back at the best of times and I have a habit of over sharing too much info.

But I am not one to knock back a challenge so let's dive straight in.

1. I love my bed. No I seriously LOVE LOVE my bed and I adore sleeping. I could sleep for a good 12 hours straight without stirring. Luckily I married a very patient man who cannot sleep past 6.00am, so he allows me to indulge on the weekends. All my friends know I have a no phone calls before 10 am rule on Weekends in our house. You know what they say about never wake a sleeping baby - well in our house, it is never wake a sleeping mummy.

2. I have really ugly feet and I am completely foot phobic, not just for my own unattractive trotters, but just feet in general. That being said - I LOVE shoes! Go figure.

3. Bathrooms are my safe haven. When ever I feel stressed or threatened in anyway, I run to the closest bathroom and lock myself away. I don't know if it is the fact the all white and usually soothing colours of a bathroom remind me of the sanctuary of a padded cell or if I just like the fact that people generally leave you alone when you are in there, so you have some space to think. Whatever it is it works for me.

4. I hold grudges. Yep big FAT chunky grudges. I have been known to hold grudges as far back as from the age of 8 years old. I have made it a New Years Resolution for the past 10 years to work on this area and it is still a work in progress for me. I am good at the forgiving part, but I don't forget things. God help you if you end up in an argument with me because I can sling things at you that you did years ago and had long forgotten about. This is not an attractive side of my personality nor am I proud of it and as I said - it is work in progress. You can read more about my Let it Go project here.

5. I worry about the silliest things. Again this is something else I am trying to change, but it is a trait of mine that was programmed into me from an early early age and it has had years to mature and gain strength in me. I even worry when there is nothing to worry about, because I think that surely I SHOULD be worrying about something. There are times when I feel completely overwhelmed by my worries (usually late at night when everyone is sleeping and I am lying wide awake), but then I speak to other woman who admit to having the same problem, and I cannot tell you how much better I feel. Not because other people have worries, but because I know I am not the only one who at times obsesses in this area.

6. Despite the grin that can usually be found plastered on my face, I am not always happy. I am amazed at how many people say to me, you are always happy, whats your secret? etc etc. The truth is I am not always happy, I just use my smile as a mask. Sometimes when the smile is at its widest, that is when I am faking it the most. Don't get me wrong, I am not by an means an unhappy person or am dissatisfied with my life, but who is permanently happy? We all have crappy days right? Well I am no different, it is just that my way of coping with those days is to fake it, and usually I find that if I pretend long enough that I am feeling happy, then I usually start to feel happy.

7. I hate asking for help. In my professional life and my personal life I am what is called a true perfectionist. If I am going to do something then it has to be done right and I will bust my gut to make sure it is done just so. My boss often says to me - you take on too much, or you need to ask for help if you are overloaded, but I seriously struggle with that. It is incredibly embarrassing to admit this, but asking for help for me personally is like a public admission I have failed. I know I know, that is so not the case, but this is just the way my mind works. You see if the truth be told I want everyone to see just the perfect end result, in my mind I don't want to burden anyone with the struggles of how that result was achieved. This is not a healthy attitude and definitely not a behaviour I want my children to mimic, so along with all the other things I am working on in my life, this too is on THE list. So if I ever ask you for help - please know that this is not something that was at all easy for me to do and that I trust you enough to open my weakness up for you to see.

8. I will only drink coke if it is in a glass bottle and I can eat a whole jar of marinated mussels in one sitting. Did you really need to know that? Probably not!

9. I love ghosty things. I am absolutely petrified by it, but having had my own spooky experiences I find myself intrigued by the whole concept. I especially love ghosty documentaries. I sit in my bedroom, curled up under my quilt and watch them whilst looking out the corner of my eye in just case something flits past.

10. I am a reality TV junkie. I love all the Real Housewives series, all the home programs on Lifestyle, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, The Farmer wants a Wife, Jon & Kate plus 8 and a trillion others. My Foxtel IQ is overloaded with recordings of these programs. Why do I like them? I'm not really sure to be honest. I am thinking it is some sort of voyeuristic thing, but not in a creepy way. When I drive at night I love the 3 second glimpse into peoples lives I get by looking into their windows when the light is on, I love seeing how they have decorated their home, and I find it weirdly comforting just seeing people go about their lives. When I go walking and I can hear families going about their day through the backyard fence - I love that happy 'noise' they make. I love sitting in a coffee shop and watching the way other people interact and I admit that sometimes I even like to listen into their conversations. Before you label me as some weird stalker, please let me clarify that I really don't do this in a creepy way at all - I am just interested in other people and I am fascinated and often inspired by the way they live their lives. I guess that is why I love reading other people's blogs, I think it is such a privilege that others invite us into their lives and into their thoughts through their writing.

So there you have it - a fabulously neurotic written portrait of me. I can just imagine the image you now have of me. Hmm let me see....

'Sonia the narcoleptic foot phobic, bathroom hanging, grudge holding, neurotic worrier, ghost hunting perfectionist stalker with the fake smile.' Wow - What a picture I have painted of myself. You gotta love this 10 things business.

So now it is my turn to tag 5 others to partake in this weirdly fascinating game. I can't wait to read what you guys write.

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Tag - you're it!

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  1. What a fantastic post!

    And thankyou for sharing!

    So much of this I can relate to, honestly ... especially the perfectionism. It's exhausting being a perfectionist, isn't it?

    I will write my 10 things up tonight xx


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