Friday 21 June 2013

There Comes a Time You've Just Gotta Give In To Winter

Make no mistakes, I can be as flippy as a sardine in a bucket of fresh water.

One minute I am basking in the hot sun moaning about being TOO hot and looking forward to the weather cooling down, and then next thing you know it's cooler, freaking cold even and I am all "Come on warm weather, show your ass again".

Now that we are smack bang in the thick frost of winter, there's no prizes for guessing what I'm moaning about today.

It's cold.

Really cold.

I know what you are thinking - "No shit Sherlock - that kinda happens in winter!" But Come On, need it be THIS cold??

The only thing one can do when your boobs are threatening to turn to ice and you cant feel your toes anymore, is to snuggle up on the couch and waste hours on scrolling away on Pinterest looking at photos that totally romanticise winter and make it seem almost semi appealing.

Here you go. Some of the images I pinned on Pinterest last night.

Get your cold little cockles around them ones!

Are you a warm weather and sunshine worshipper or do you relish in the colder months?

Do you lose hours on Pinterest too?

Come and Join me on Pinterest and we can waste time together.

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