Thursday 20 June 2013

Is This Love Even Possible?

This post is brought to you by Bank Of Queensland

When I first read about the BOQ’s latest Campaign “It's Possible to Love Your Bank” I have to admit I did a bit of an eye roll. 

I mean who actually LOVES their bank? 

Banks are not lovable.

OK maybe they were back in the olden days. Oh Goliath - Kill me now!

I turn 40 and suddenly I’m all “Back in the olden days”. Gah – someone gag the girl.

But truth be told, it did get me thinking back to once upon a time when banks were friendly. A time when someone opened the door for you when you arrived at the branch. A time when the bank tellers you were handing over your pocket money too, were a friend’s mum or dad or you knew them from somewhere around your area and they actually knew you by name and would take the time to talk to you. 

It was an era when you actually had the option to deal with a real life flesh and blood person rather than just a voice on a phone telling you to press a number.

You had forgotten about that time hadn’t you? Or if you are under 20 – you probably never even knew such a thing as a bank teller existed.

One of the earliest and quite possibly the funniest memories I have of banking is actually courtesy of my brother. 

One thing you have to know about my brother is that he is nothing short of ingenious when it comes to making money and saving money.

You may recall the story I told you about how he turned me – his little sister - into a money making scheme one Christmas time? 

Well his entrepreneurial skills didn’t stop there.

I recall one Mothers Day when he asked my dad for $10 bucks to buy my mum a present.
Dad obliged, touched by his son’s thoughtfulness and yet completely unaware of his craftiness.
My brother took that $10 bucks to a local bank that was running a Mother’s Day Promotion. Every one that opened a new account with them received a pot plant.

Generous right?

So my brother being the crafty one he is, opened his bank account on a Friday, graciously accepted his free Pot Plant which he took home and gave to my mum for Mother’s Day on the Sunday, and then went back to the bank on Monday where he closed the account, got the $10 bucks back and went shopping for himself.

Ingenious I tell you.

Ahhh those were the days though, when banks were not hated and bankers didn’t need to lie about their professions to avoid the old prune face sucking gesture they often receive these days at dinner parties when they confess to their daytime job.

I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old and cynical (here I go again), but back then, banks just seemed more trustworthy and caring and PERSONAL even.

BOQ is making a big call by telling us “It is possible to love your bank”, but when you look at the principals of their campaign, they are actually things I'm pretty sure we ALL want from our banks;

*Personal service from locals who actually take the time to learn our name.
*A bank that passes on rate cuts to their customers
*A bank that is competitive with interest rates
*And a bank with a conscience that gives back to the community.

Even cupid was convinced...

If the BOQ marketers introduce a free pot plant campaign then they have won me as a customer for life. I have a little corner of the garden that needs landscaping and 3 little boys who would LOVE to give their mummy a pot plant for Mothers Day.

Visit the BOQ website for more info on how they have made it their mission to make banking a more enjoyable experience for their customers, find your closet branch / ATM or just to check out their competitive interest rates
Do you think it’s possible to love your bank?
What would it take to love your bank?