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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Very Wordy Wordless Wednesday - Lunch With The Girls

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Is there anything quite like lunch with some girlfriends to fill your bucket?

I think not.

In fact, I kinda think it ought to be compulsory to give yourself a leave pass at least once a month if you can at all wangle it. Grab some girls together and go and roll a bottle of champagne or two over lunch.

Talk about everything and anything, remove all boundaries and make nothing off limits. It is hilarious where your conversations will lead you.


Yep, just laugh yourself stupid with that foot stomping, thigh slapping, wipe your tears kind of laughing as it is literally THE best tonic in the world and can cure everything... well almost everything.

My gut aches from doing just that today. I was at the most beautiful spot at Palm Beach - The Palm Beach Boathouse with an even more beautiful group of gals and the five of us sat there in the sun and discussed everything and anything - life, men, kids, sex, parents, fashion and everything in between.

We laughed ourselves silly at our own jokes and didn't care one single iota that people were looking at us strangely. Meh they either thought we were a bunch of nut jobs let out for the day OR they wanted to join us in the laughter.

It's good for the soul to say "stuff it" to the dirty washing, work and responsibilities and let yourself off the hook from everything for just a wee couple of hours.

Doctors orders alright! Consider yourself told.

OK so this was supposed to be wordless wasn't it? Dang it. The combination of champagne and I do not make for a very wordless anything.


When was the last time you gave yourself a belly ache from laughing so much?
Do you take a regular time out for yourself or is it something you talk about but yet to do?