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Friday 17 April 2015

Win a Good Old Fashioned Billy Box Cart From Mocka

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Lauren Anastasiou


Did you ever ride a billy cart when you were a kid?

Usually they were made from scraps of wood stolen from your Dad's workshop pile and wheels from an old pram or washing trolley.

I remember I used to ride a neighbour's one once and man it was awesome.

I was deprived child and didn't have one of these for myself. So I had to resort to lining up with the rest of the kids in the street to take it in turns sucking up to the boy who lived 4 doors down in the hope that he would choose me to have a turn next.

It probably explains why I am so screwed up as an adult.


I do remember how fun these were though - hooning down the road where I grew up, holding on tight at breakneck speed, desperately hoping the wheels didn't come skidding off during one of those thrilling death wobbles.

Awesome kid stuff.

Like TOTALLY awesome.

Mocka recently sent my boys one of their Box carts to try out and if are anywhere within a ten suburb radius to us then you probably heard Flynn screaming with excitement.

From the moment he knew what was inside the big box the postie delivered, the nagging at Carl to build it with him commenced and was relentless.

It took all of maybe 20 minutes to put it together. Easy as because the Box cart comes in a pre-assembled kit form.

Now I am not going to ramble on and on about the hows and whys and how seriously awesome this kid's toys is because we made a video for you instead.

Before you watch it though I have to tell you - that huge smile on Flynn's face is quite literally one of the greatest pleasures in my life. EVER!

The Mocka Box Cart is made from plywood and is recommended for kids age 5 years + and a weight limit of 50kg. 
Sadly it meant that I wasn't able to relive my own childhood and take it for a spin myself, but honestly watching the kids enjoy it - was way better than any cheap thrill I could have had for myself.
Now here's the best bit you guys - the awesome gang at Mocka has given me an extra one of these to giveaway to one of you awesome people... well to your kids.
All you need to do is send me the secret to eternal youth. 
No not really, but you do need to take me for a trip down memory lane by telling me in the comments below;
What is something from your childhood that you would love your kids to experience?
My kids will pick a winner based on which one of you they want to move in with... or sort of something like that.
The competition is open now (to Australian Residents only sorry) and closes Friday 1st May at 7pm AEST. Good luck!
Make sure you check out the awesome rang of kids toys that Mocka have by visiting their website here or pop on over and say hello to them on Facebook here.