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Friday 6 January 2012

I am hosting the 52 Week Project this Week - Come and join in!

Pin It My gorgeous blogging friend Fi from My Mummy Daze is having a well earned break and enjoying some time with her beautiful family. Fi has a fabulous weekly project that she runs on her blog called the 52 week project, which is all about capturing photos of yourself, yeah you, the one who is usually behind the camera.

If you are anything like me, I spend so much time taking photos of my family and I never really made an appearance in many of them. For so many reason, I always preferred to be behind the camera instead of in the picture.

1. I am a control freak and I like to make sure the shot is captured just how I want to remember it. I know that sounds incredibly selfish but hey I am being honest here.
2. I hate how I look in photos, I pick myself to bits and feel like total shit usually after I look at them.
3. Well actually I don't really have a 3 so I guess the fact that I am a total control freak who is too vain to capture myself on film probably sum its up pretty well.

But participating in Fi's challenge has been rather empowering and I love that I have photos to remind me when I am old and withered that once upon a time I wasn't so old, withered maybe, but in that particular photo I will be forever young...ish.

I feel very honoured that Fi has asked me to host her 52 week Project whilst she is having a little break.

So my friends, get out from behind the camera and start getting in front of it, at least once a week. Capture a mood or a moment, good or bad as long as you are the star of the photo and enjoy creating visual memories of yourself for years to come.

Use the link up below to join up with a post of your favourite photo of you for the week and tell us the story behind the photo. If you don't have a blog, you can still participate, just take a photo of someone very special - YOU! and post it on my face book page and tell me what you were thinking, doing or feeling at the time the photo was taken.

Go on, I love to see the people who take the time to read my blog and I feel like it helps me get to know you better too.

So here is me this week out in the backyard by the pool soaking up some rays and just totally loving that summer had finally decided to join us.

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