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Thursday 30 June 2016

How To Deal With The SADS

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That poor old sad sack above is my Maxi boy and he’s old, cold, and has a couple of sore legs courtesy of a run in with a pair of clippers at the dog groomers.

He looks pretty much like how I feel today too.

Do you find yourself feeling tearful, withdrawn, depressed or just generally down in the dumps at this time of the year? 

I’m talking more than the usual premenstrual semi psycho and of action here.

If you answered yes, you could be suffering from SADs - Seasonal Affective Disorder - a legitimate condition that affects an estimated one in 300 of us Aussies and is brought on by the changes in light and temperature during Autumn and winter and the effect it has on our bodies circadian rhythms.

Or then again, you may have been a bear in another life and you are pissed of at the fact you are a human in this life and the injustice of it being socially unacceptable to disappear into hibernation for 3 months a year.

Either or.

I for one am a happier and more energetic person in Summer and whether it be that I crave the warmer weather, sunshine and longer days that Summer affords us or that I am genuinely down with a dose of the SADS - I really have no idea.

I’ll leave that one to the scientists to figure out and instead share with you five ways the experts suggest we can beat the blues that many of us feel at this time of the year.


Now I’m not referring to the late night blinding glow of your iPad as you nestle under your warm doona people and dose up on GOTs - nope I am talking about proper sunshine from that big ole fire ball in the sky. 

Mid morning to mid afternoon sun is apparently the most therapeutic during winter, so rug yourself up and get yourself outdoors. Go for a walk, sit with a cuppa, just do whatever it takes to ensure you can soak up some of those warming rays however and whenever you can.

If you need to be stuck indoors, open up those curtains and let the light steam in - your body is craving more daylight during these months so you have to give it whatever you can.


Look, If you are anything like me then the last thing you probably feel like doing when it is flipping freezing degrees outside is to actually get dressed and get out of your pjs… but, I also know that the endorphins released during exercise are pretty much the best natural antidepressant you could ever hope for. 

Of course, if you actually take anti-depressants like I do, exercise is not necessarily going to replace the need for your daily dose… but it will certainly help yeah?!


Oh crap! Now THAT sucks!!!

I know how tempting it is to dunk your head into a bucket of Mac and Cheese on a cold wintery day… but we need to back away from the carbs you guys. Too much of the stodgy stuff will only serve to make us feel sluggish and tired and that’s not going to help our mood.

Apparently we need to eat more colourful whole foods during the colder months to boost our moods and drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated from all the indoor heating.

Oh and chocolate - yep you can eat chocolate because it is proven to enhance your mood and relieve anxiety - bless you Gods of cacao.


Scientists have long known that upbeat music significantly boosts our moods so load up your favourite playlists, pump it LOUD and reap the rewards. Instant mood booster -  winning!


If all else fails and you just can’t shake that blergh feeling, sulk into those flange PJs and a spend a day under the doona with some chick flicks on Netlfix, a good book and an endless supply of Cheetos. 

OK so it goes against all of the suggestions above, but sometimes you just have to say 'screw it' and do what feels good.

On that note... I have a date with an electric blanket and a bag of cheetos.

Stay warm you guys.

Do you love or loathe the colder seasons?
How do you battle the cold weather blues?

Monday 27 June 2016

Why I Won't Compete With You

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It's hard to not want to compete or compare in today's world... right?

I mean, look around you and everywhere you see people doing awesome things and achieving great success. Whether it be that they are a successful business person, an awesome mum, an inspiring friend, blogger, writer, actor, a good at whatever kind of person... we are surrounded by winners and it's hard not to feel a little envious.

It's easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to those who are succeeding around you and possibly even deciding that you need to compete yourself on some level.

Before you know it, somewhere from deep inside your consciousness there's a little you standing crouched at the starting line, looking left and right sizing up the competition as she waits for the crack of the starting gun.

Perhaps that little you went into the race saying "I don't care about winning" but once the adrenalin started pumping and the electric anticipation seeped into her bloodstream, she couldn't help but get caught up in the moment and compare herself to her rivals.

It's absolutely perfectly normal to want to win, to compete and to triumph, although many of us don't want to admit it out loud because for fear of failing or being judged.

And though I do not believe it is all that healthy for us to do so - it is totally normally to compare ourselves to others who are running in the same race.

The reality is - we all want to be successful at something don't we?

Who doesn't crave a little of the jubilation and pride that comes with being considered 'good' at whatever it is you choose to focus on?

But then who actually said we have to compete to be good at that something?

Who says there can only be one winner?

By attempting to compete with someone else, we are pretty much deciding that there will definitively be a winner and a loser.

That's how it generally goes right?

Someone will rise above the others as the successful one and the rest... well what happens to the rest of us? Does the fact that we don't win mean we have failed?


Here's the thing... there is no cap on success and there is no big bucket of success that can run dry.

Success is unlimited and we do not have to compete for it.

There is also no reason at all to compare ourselves.

By competing we are limiting ourselves and our belief that there is enough success in the world for all of us to enjoy.

The reality is EVERYONE can succeed.

Including you.

And me.

I believe that if I run my own race, with no one but myself ... I WILL WIN.

I mean how could I not?!

That's why I will no longer compete with you and I hope you choose not to compete with me or anyone else too.

Do you get stuck in the comparison game? 
Have you ever felt like just because someone else has succeeded in something, there is no room left for you to succeed too? I have!

Friday 24 June 2016

6 Awesome Projects For A Winter Weekend

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It's getting pretty darn cold here in Sydney tonight and it's only expected to get colder this weekend.

Like colder than a tin man's testicles in an Artic breeze kind of COLD cold.

Now I don't know about you, but when it gets all super wintery like this, I like nothing better than a weekend that doesn't involve anything more demanding than me donning my best fluffy house socks, making a big pot of coffee and getting stuck into some crafty DIY.

I reckon it's totally permissible to come up with any kind of excuse you can to get out of having to get dressed and leave the house at this time of the year... in fact it should just kind of be expected.

I have this Sunday pegged for some serious crafty action and so I thought I would infect you all with inspiration from some clever clogs around the interwebs with 6 Awesome Projects that are perfect for a winter weekend.

Plants get cold in winter too you know... don't they?

Meh, whatever! Whether they do or don't is pretty much irrelevant really when you have an urge to knot a cosy cardi for your cacti, so let's just convince ourselves they do so we can justify knitting some cute little pot warmers like the girls at The Merry Thought did.

They have all the instructions over on their blog and even a complete knitting novice like me could manage this project. Knit one Purl one - Yep totally doable and cute to boot!

Keeping in theme with the sixes... Chris from The Life Creative has 6 Easy Steps to creating the Ultimate home office. 

Ok so technically speaking this is not a craft project... but it is DIY. So if you are looking to create yourself an inspiring space to work from at home, then head on over and check it out.

If you like so many have been getting into colouring in lately, then Kat from The Organised Housewives is your go to gal this weekend.

Kat has rounded up over 20 FREE downloadable colouring pages for adults on her blog and every single one of them is worthy investing in a pot of fresh new textas or pencils for.

Ever wondered what the hell you are going to do with those eleventy billion Instagram pics you have amassed over the years?

Yep, me too and I Spy DIY has the perfect solution right there in that mighty fine looking gallery wall.

Raid the garage for wood to chop and glue to make these cute little frames... or if you can't be bothered being that crafty - get online and order a load of them and then spend the rest of your time getting lost in all the other awesome projects I Spy DIY have on their blog.

Alright so this one might actually involve you having to leave the house to buy wallpaper and glue but damn you've got to admit - it's kind of tempting right?

Holly from Decor8 blog shared Selina Lake's wallpapered stair project - totally worth checking out if you are feeling adventurous or even just to pin for another day.

Alright, I know what you are thinking with this last one - "Sonia has gone totally whacko sharing this in winter" but come on... did you cop and eyeful of that deliciousness? And it's toasted too so that's sort of warming right?

This delectable looking treat is the Wintermint Chocolate Torched Meringue Popsicle from The Sugar Hit and hot diggety dang I would turn blue for a big bite of that.

Rightio then, that'll be it from me tonight because I have some Uggies to dig out from the cupboard, a hubby to snuggle and a couch to hold down.

Stay warm you lot!

What have you got planned for the weekend?
Can you get out of having to leave the house?

Header image from: The Merry Thought

Wednesday 22 June 2016

I'm Guilty of A Big Mouth

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I have one of those mouths that has a habit of disobeying me.

I'd like to say it has a mind of it's own, but I wasn't THAT bad at biology and anatomy so yeah... I guess I kinda sort of have to own it.

You see thoughts go into my mind... many of them all at once, and my mouth being the impatient orifice that it is often just jumps on in and starts translating what my brain is thinking before my brain can go "shit, no wait STOP don't say that outloud".

I am forever driving home from somewhere, banging the steering wheel and going "WTF SONIA! What were you thinking saying THAT?"

Often it takes my brain a while to catch up and the moment of realisation typically takes place at 1am in the morning when I bolt upright remembering something I said and fretting that it might have been taken the wrong way... and so then I spend the next 7 hours panicking that someone is in lying in their bed thinking "that Sonia is an absolute moron".

Take for instance the time I told the TV chef Annabelle Langbein at a media lunch that I once had a cooking show of my own... that part sounds alright yeah? But what about the bit where I went on to say that it was just me and my husband filming it and I was absolutely stoned to the eyeballs at the time?


Or how about the time I rang the church office to book my son in for a baptism... sure that sounds innocent enough, but the part where I told the nice nun on the phone that we needed a "shot gun baptism" done for our son because his school enrolment forms were due and I had forgotten to get him christened is where it all went pear shaped.


Then of course there was my more recent faux pas - where I told the event organiser and a group full of bloggers (some I had never even met before) that I managed to get my husband to drive my passport in to the city by promising him a month full of blow jobs?


Who even says shit like that?

Umm clearly I do and that is why my hubby wasn't overly shocked by the conversation that played out between us the other night.

I can't remember it word for word (although I am sure he can) but it kind of went something like this...

Him: Something about going to Bali and the Zika virus (hey... to be fair, I was playing candy crush before he started talking)

ME: "Hmmm awful. I hope I don't ever get pregnant and have to go to Bali"

Him: "Huh? Are you planning on getting pregnant?"

Me: "No... well not with you anyway."

Him: "Oh great, but you might get pregnant with someone else though?"

Me: "What? No! I mean... you know... I CAN'T get pregnant with you cause you've been like... desexed... remember?"

Him: "Oh awesome! So now I'm a dog or something am I?"

Me: "No, noooooo. You are taking it ALL the wrong way. I meant you had your thingies cut and tied. Geez! Sensitive much? It's not like I said you've been castrated or anything!"


I know! And believe me - I'm cringing just reliving that conversation in my head.

So your honour, I have two words for you...


Guilty as charged.

That is all.

Does your mouth ever get you into trouble?
Do things come out of your mouth that have you going WTF did I just say???

Monday 20 June 2016

Make Up Sex... REALLY?

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I only have one thing to say when it comes to Make up Sex...




Alright, so clearly I have more than one thing to say about it, it's just that this particular concept has always baffled me.

I mean you hear about it all the time don't you - couples who claim that Make up Sex is the best type of sex two people can ever have and yet I hear that and I'm all "nuh uh, don't go there girlfriend".


Well it's probably got something to do with the fact that getting all lovely dovey and having sex with someone I am totally furious at is only like the LEAST likely thing I would want to do.

Ask me to sulk for hours on end?

Umm yes, I can do that.

want me to throw a massive hissy fit, grab a bottle of wine and disappear into the bath for an hour or two?

Yep totally up for it!

Wanna watch me peg a pillow and a blanket at my hubby's head (if he's lucky) and send him to the couch?

Well, that certainly sounds more like my style.

Expect me to rip my clothes off and jump his bones?


It's not that I'm a prude or anything... at least I don't think I am, It's just that I can't turn it on and off like a switch. When I get to the point of being mad at someone, I'm like really mad and I need a week to calm down... OK at least give me a day.

Look, I am making no judgement here. If you are up for it then - yeah Sister!! I'm TOTALLY happy for you... in fact I'll give you a high five and wish your the most awesomest time ever... it's just that I'd rather chew on my toenails thanks very much.

I posed the question to a group of my girlfriends recently over dinner and drinks and we were all pretty much on the same "fat chance in hell" page. In fact only one of my girlfriends claimed to be up for a bit of post argument hanky panky, and that was only because she finally admitted that her partner was more "giving" when he was feeling guilty for having been a twat in a fight, so fair call... I guess.

Do I feel the need to make up for being a cranky premenstrual cow with a romp between the sheets?

Nuh Uh!

Do I feel more giving or forgiving in bed after a blazing row?

Nope - Sorry Not Sorry.

So it leads me to ask... do many of us women actually enjoy Make up Sex or is it something we think we need to enjoy because, you know women's magazines claim it to be the bees knees or we feel kind of awks and sexually inept as a woman if we say we don't?

Are you all for some Make up Sex or would you rather sulk with that bottle of wine and a hot bath?

Saturday 18 June 2016

Yes, Just Yes! 1

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Sometimes you stumble across something when you are clicking around the internet, or killing time in a shop and it makes you stop in your tracks and say "YES. Just Yes"

This post is dedicated to some of those things, and I kind of like the idea of making this a regular little feature, because - you know - good things should be shared, and sharing is caring and sharers are carers and... what the hell I am I doing?

Like we even need an excuse to share a little awesomeness with each other!

Whilst I am spending the afternoon attempting another go at First Holy Communion with our littlest dude (our last efforts were rained out... literally!) I'm just going to put this post down here in front of you, back quietly away and leave YOU to say "YES. Just Yes" for yourself.

You're welcome!

How absolutely drool worthy is this living room I stumbled across here?!

I want the wall colour, the couch, the leather chair and I'll have the side tables too thanks... heck how about I just MOVE on in!!

This sort of imagery does NOTHING to suppress my appetite for shopping for new furniture and homewares.

NOTHING I tell you!

Speaking of gorgeous living rooms... how flipping divine is this monochromatic IKEA hack from TOMFO in her beautiful new house she and her family recently built?!

Now Sarah was all kinds of clever to begin with, but this... THIS! I love.

It's not like I really needed an excuse to go to IKEA, but if I did... then dare I say - this is a pretty good one!

Now on to serious yums - check out this Salted Caramel Chocolate Martini from 3 Yummy Tummies.

Can I please get a HELL YES!

Click through for the full recipe here and can I just say that if you are thinking about making these and you are looking for a volunteer to taste test for you - I'm totally happy to put my hand up and offer myself up for the role.

Just Saying.

My awesome pal Kate has been at it again, designing things that make us go "ooooohhhhh" and her new monogrammed iPhone cases (1) that are available through The Cult List, are just one of the results of her latest creative whirlwinds.

They are available in matt gold, silver, black and rose gold and come engraved with your personal monogram. You can get them here.

Speaking of phones and techy stuff, how cool is this downloadable wallpaper below (2) from Design Love Fest?! 

There are so many gorgeous downloadable designs for your phones, macs and desktop to choose from and every month they add more. You can check them out here.

Last but not least, the absolutely adorable and very talented Melinda from the blog By Melinda Cooper, has created something pretty spesh for us all to enjoy. 

Little Sparks is a downloadable ebook full of pages of what Melinda calls "little sparks to send off spurs of feelings and wonder and creativity, something that maybe you’ll look through when you are feeling a little lost or are looking for a reason to smile a little brighter. 

How cool is that!

I reckon you should print the pages off and stick them around so that everytime you look and them - you stop, smile and feel inspired.

Ok so that's all I got for you today you guys. All that is left for me to do is wish you an a fabulous weekend and now go and de mud our little footy head for his communion.

Take care!

Any awesomeness you want to share with us?
Got anything you have created, seen or bought we should know about?

Thursday 16 June 2016

Positively Woo Woo - How To Sage Your Home

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Now here is something you may or may not already know about me - I have a bit of an alternative side to me and I love a little bit of the 'woo woo' in my life as my dear hubby likes to call it. 

I believe in some things that many people may not.

I'm superstitious, I'm curious and I love nothing more than having my eyes opened to new things.

I have a true appreciation for some of the more alternative things in life. Ancient practices that connect us to the universe.

My kids tease me and call me a hippy in disguise, and to be fair I get why they do - given that I do things like sending my kids to a catholic school with crystals in their bags.

I don't actually limit myself to any one belief because I find beauty and truth in so many faiths and religions. 

I'm a bit of a walking contradiction and I am not all that you see and you know what? I am so OK with that.

Alright, before you go and peg me as someone who makes a habit of running around chanting whilst naked under the full moon... I'm not that alternative, although I have absolutely nothing against anyone who is of course because hey, whatever makes you happy you know?

I personally take more of a quiet approach to my beliefs and I generally carry them without any fuss or fanfare or anyone being any wiser to it.

Except for now... cause I am kind of like telling the whole of the interwebs.

You see I believe in the power of the mind. 

I believe in the power of rituals and mindsets and affirmations, and I believe that there is more to this world than what we can see with our naked eye.

I have crystals around my home. I carry them in my car and my bag and I wear a quartz around my neck and I'm even wearing some Danburite in my bra right now. Yeah, I know... but whatever works for you right?

Something I have always been very sensitive to is other people's energy. You know how you can be around someone who is angry or sad and when they leave somehow feel like they have left you with that lingering anger or sadness? 

That's their energy and for want of a better explanation, it can infect you.

Have you ever walked into a room and it feels... I don't know... kind of oppressive or stale? 

That's residual energy.

If you allow it to, that energy can and will effect how you feel, how you think and you act and it can even have an effect on your business, your success and your luck.

You need to clear that energy away.

Think of it as kind of giving your home or your workspace a big old clean up, sweeping out the dirt and dusting away the cobwebs. 

Think about how good you feel when you give your home is freshly cleaned or your office all tidied up. 

It feels good right? 

Well clearing the energy in your home or workplace works in the same way and will have the same positive effect on you.

Whether you believe that this involves something mystical or magical at work or even if you just believe that we are talking about some kind of placebo effect - it really doesn't matter. 

If it works for you, then that is all that counts.

There are a number of ways that you can purify and cleanse the energy in a space and I pretty much like to alternate between all of them. 

You can burn incense which is believed by many faiths to appease local spirits, and you can use a Tibetan Singing bowl or Buddhist chimes to shift and cleanse old, negative or stuck energy. 

Many Yogis or healing masseurs will use a Tibetan singing bowl or chimes to clear your chakras, awaken your senses and ground you after meditation or a massage treatment. 

You can also use sage to cleanse your space.

The ritual of smudging with sage is an ancient Native American practise and smudging a room a room or your home with the smoke of sage can help you to clear out any residual negative energy left behind from an argument, a run of bad luck or even someone who visited and left behind a bad feeling. 

It is believed that the energy attaches itself to the smoke and as the smoke clears away it takes the negative energy with it.

Hey this isn't no mumbo jumbo you guys - scientific research has linked Sage and the other herbs used in smudging to the release of negative ions which actually results in lighter and more positive mood.

Again, belief or placebo, whatever. 

I believe in it and therefore it works for me.

I often get asked how I go about Saging our home or the warehouse or even myself, so here is a quick run down of what I do in case you would like to give it a try for yourself.

1.To start, you need a bundle of sage which you can get from most health food stores, a fireproof container with a little sand or water in it and a feather or something you can use to fan the smoke.

2. Take a moment to imagine yourself surrounded in pure white light and then set your intention - In this case you want to clear yourself and your space of any negative energy and make way for positivity, health, luck and good fortune.

3. Open the windows in your house so that the smoke and the negative energy can escape.

4. Light your sage and blow out the flame. It's not about the flame, its about the smoke and you want that sage to be smoking.

5. Walk from room to room fanning the smoke from the sage into every corner, around every window, under tables and up towards the ceiling. You need to imagine the smoke is absorbing the negative energy and bad luck and visualise it wafting out the windows and doors leaving only positive energy and good vibes vibe.

6. To finish, close your eyes again and imagine your home or your space and yourself are all bursting to the brim with a beautiful white positive light. Completely extinguish the sage in the sand or sand and bury it and the ashes in your backyard.

You can do this ritual as often as you like, but as I mentioned I like to do it after anyone has had a big argument in the house, when anyone has been sick or sad or we have had a run of illness or bad luck, and I also like to do it after a big clean up and declutter.

So tell me - do you think I'm whacko or do you sage too?
Do you believe in alternative practices or do you have any rituals you engage in too? Do you want to hear more about mine?

No judgement here you guys because each to their own I say.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

The Stunning Ship I Very Nearly DIDN'T Board

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When you email someone at least half a dozen times to remind them to do something, you would generally expect that they will remember right?


Unless we are talking about me...

I was invited last weekend to spend the day on board the recently refurbished and insanely gorgeous Sun Princess - a 261 metre long cruise liner that belongs to the Princess Cruises Fleet, and the only thing I was asked to remember was to bring something that is - you know - only absolutely necessary for you to pass through customs and get on board the ship... my passport!

As I pulled into a prize parking spot less than a 5 minute walk away from the terminal, I congratulated myself on arriving early enough to take my time and maybe even grab a luxurious coffee before I had to meet our guide.

And then I remembered....

CRAP... my passport.

My passport that was sitting at least a 45 minute drive away on my desk next to my computer... the very place where I had left it to remind me not to forget it.

Yeah that worked well huh?!

One completely panicked phone called to my hubby and a month full of promises later, and my passport was on its way to me and I was driving back across the bridge to meet him.

"Drive carefully" I said to him after thanking him profusely for his selfless Saturday morning act.

"But can you, like you know.... drive the really fast kind of carefully please" I encouraged.

9 minutes before I was due to board we were driving across the harbour bridge and our lovely and very patient guide was on the phone following my progress.

We made it... all be it 5 minutes late and I along with some fellow bloggers made our way onboard.

OK first thing I have to tell you is that I have never been on a cruise ship before.

I get sea sick and I am somewhat paranoid what with me being the klutz that I am, that I would somehow manage to trip and fall overboard.

Ha... like we are talking about some little ferry boat that I could possibly fall over the railing or something.

Let's get one thing straight - this ship is big. 


In fact when she was launched back in 1995 she was THE world's largest cruise ship.

To give you an idea, it is 12 storeys high, has 975 staterooms, 4 swimming pools, a casino, nightclubs, a beauty and health spa and a gym AND it holds 2010 passengers and 924 crew.

That's a shipload of people to feed. (sorry bad play on words)

In fact 40 tonnes of food and drink; 10,000 bottles of wine and champagne, 10,000 cans of soft drink, 2500 litres of milk, 2400 bottles of water, 25,000 eggs, 500kg of bacon, 1.4t of chicken, 500kg of lettuce, 1.3t of rice and 375kg of coffee are consumed every 7 days.

Holy batballs huh?!

Lucky guests have a 24 hour choice of places to dine including dining room, a steakhouse, a seafood bar, a dining area with a Court dining area with Italian style Amuleto cafe, an international Cafe, a hamburger and hot dog grill, a New Zealand Natural Ice Cream outlet and the fabulous new SHARE restaurant by Curtis Stone... which we were there to sample.

Lucky US.

Ok so Share has been designed to encourage guests to connect with each other on their holiday and share food and memories over a meal and yep - the food is pretty darn memorable.

The food.

OMG the food!

I have never felt quite so full and fat in my whole life... ok apart from that one time I tried to out eat my brother at the oyster bar of our local yacht club.

This is just some of the food we tasted. Seriously... just some of it! (sorry the photos aren't that great thanks to the ambient mood lighting and the fact that I was too busy stuffing my face to pull out my big fancy camera)

Not bad huh?!

OK, so bellies full, what better way is there to end a meal than with some chocolate... but you guys - we're not talking after dinner mints here. 

Nope we were treated to a luxurious chocolate scrub and a massage in the Lotus, the ship's very own spa and beauty centre.

I never want chocolate any other way again.

We were of course given a tour of the ship's staterooms and I'm gonna say... they go alright (ha! Understatement!)

Let's just say that one who has a fear of being on a boat in the ocean could very easily forget one's fear when one has views from their cabin like this...

So am I up for a cruising holiday yet?

Mmmm... possibly, maybe, still deciding.

That said, I would sure as hell happily spend another day on board this beautiful ship.

If you are feeling a little tempted to sail off into the sunset on this beautiful liner, then head over to the Sun Princess website to check out her itinerary and dates.

Oh... and don't forget your passport yeah?!

Have you been on a Cruise?
Where did you go?
Were you scared before you left?

I was invited onboard the Sun Princess as a guest to experience some of the ship's features. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions totally belong to me.