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Friday 15 March 2013

Save Your Sanity with Sight Word Bingo - Free Download

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Homework - Is it not the freaking bane of your life?

Seriously I am struggling to stay on top of 3 kids and their homework, I DO NOT know how larger families manage. The tears, the meltdowns, the tantrums and the chucking of homework books across the room - I tell you the look of shock on my kids faces when I do all of the above is priceless!

I have even been known to finish off homework for them in my best worst scribbly childlike writing. Though I will completely deny that if confronted by a teacher.

My eldest son oldest is OK, actually he is really good to be fair. He is (and I say this very proudly) a bit of a teachers suck up pet. He plans his homework and even goes so far as to hand it in early.

I'll leave him alone.

The middle one - hmmm a whole different ball game and a story for another day.

Now Flynn has started school this year and with that comes the pleasure of having to teach him a new list of sight words every week.

Oh the joy!

By the way I am being completely sarcastic in case you couldn't hear the rolling of the eyes and twisting of my mouth as I wrote those words.

Anyone with a kid in Kindy or Prep or who has already been there, KNOWS the pain I am referring too when I talk about Sight Words. I can totally sense you nodding your head in sympathy with me.

Well my friends - I think I have tamed the best.

I have beaten the Sight Word homework into submission and I am hi-fiving myself with utter self praise for this one ..... at least while it lasts and then he gets bored with it and I have to come up with a new idea.


Baby - I am talking about Sight Word Bingo. *Cue the heavens opening and shining light down on me*.

OK its not exactly original, but this is my spin on the game.

Print off the Sight Word Bingo sheet I have made for you with the Australian Curriculum Sight Words for Weeks 1 -5.

Laminate it or cover in contact if you haven't yet fallen victim to the laminating craze (trust me - eventually you will).

You will also need a whiteboard marker and an egg timer.

Sit down one moaning child down on their backside and reassure them with an appropriate bribe. Mini chocolate Easter Eggs work well for me.

Read through all the sight words on the sheet with your child first, pointing at them and getting him / her to repeat them to you.

Now set the timer for 2-5 minutes and begin calling out the words to your child.

The aim is they have to find those words on their sheet and circle them. They have to find as many words as they can before the timer goes off.

If they are struggling to find a word, just say pass and move on to the next word.

The idea is every time they play they need to beat their last score until they can find ALL the correct words before the timer goes off.

Again bribery and rewards will come in handy to keep them motivated.

I have saved the Weeks 1-5 Sight words Bingo Sheet in a PDF for you

I take gratitude in the form of Vodka.... oh and OK then I will be happy with the satisfaction of knowing I am helping out my fellow homework hating mums.

Go the Sisterhood!

I will update the sheets regularly and share them with you once I have done them cause I am really noice like that :)

OK off you go - that Homework is not going to do itself you know.

Oops sorry, I say that so many times an afternoon it's become a bit of a habit.

How are you coping with the Homework?
Has it done your head in yet?