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Saturday 7 September 2013

FORD Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge - Road Trip VIDEO

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This is my final post in the Kidspot and Ford Voices of 2013 Choose your own Adventures challenge and now the rules say I have to give back the gorgeous Ford Territory Titanium

That sucks.

As a family we have loved having this car for the past 6 weeks. 

I've driven the kids to school feeling like a total boss. 

In this car, the kids have watched numerous movies, eaten way too many drive through meals and we have all sung like rock stars as we cruised the suburbs.

We've crammed the soft leather seats full of sweaty soccer kids, loaded the boot to the brim with skateboards and scooters and we have vacuumed out enough sand from our numerous beach trips to create our own private beach.

We've had fun. A LOT of fun.

For this post we chose the theme - Road Trip, purely for the fun value and I have put together a video of our adventure to share with you.

I love this video.

Seriously love it. 

Because this video shows my family, my CRAZY wonderful family, exactly how we are when we are just hanging out together, laughing and creating memories.

As we were driving the day we made this video, it struck me that life is actually just one big road trip and that corny old saying about it not being about the destination, it's about the journey.... its true. Truer than true. 

Some of the best conversations we have had as a family, have been on the journeys. Some of the most memorable moments... have been on the journeys. We have laughed, we have cried and we've made major life changing decisions... whilst on our journeys.

I'm in no hurry to get us to where we are going..... wherever that may be. 

Not ever. 

Because at the moment we're having way to much fun on the big old Road Trip called life.

Here's our video. 

Thank you Ford & Kidspot for the opportunity to road test the fabulous Ford Territory Titanium and I apologise in advance for chaining myself to the steering wheel when you guys come to pick the car up.

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