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Tuesday 13 May 2014

Bathroom Obsession

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Ever since I was a wee midget (pardon the pun) I have been obsessed with bathrooms.

I used to drive my parents totally batty when we went out, because the first thing out of my mouth as soon as we arrived at any restaurant was "I need to Pee".

Even if I didn't actually need to pee, I just said I did anyway. That was because even more urgent than the need to relieve my bladder, was the opportunity to check out the bathroom.

An 8 year old girl can be swept away by the glitz and glamour of a fancy powder room and I was more impressed by the quality of soap, softness of the toilet paper and the choice of decor than I was by any finely cooked cuisine dished up to me.

When I was smack bang in the middle of having anxiety attacks, bathrooms were my escape. I could lock myself away from the world, knowing that no one was going to come in and disturb me. Yes they were going to think I was some weirdo and probably report me to the people in charge, but until the authorities arrived to coax me out, I could just sit there and catch my breath until calm was restored and the panic receded.

Even now as a midget adult, I am still obsessed with bathrooms and I cannot go anywhere... like ANYWHERE, without excusing myself to go to the bathroom.

Being the complete sticky beak that I am, bathrooms give me an opportunity to have a little nose around in privacy. I check out the styling, smell the flowers sniff the soap and most importantly I check out the view.

Yep these days the only thing that floats my boat more than a fancy shmancy bathroom is a fancy schmancy bathroom with a view.

I know right! Weird!

But can you imagine bathing with the views that these bathrooms below have? Can you?
Even better can you imagine getting to pee multiple times a day with a view like that?

I could seriously develop an even weaker bladder problem if any of these gorgeous bathrooms belonged to me.

Do you have a room fetish? 
(OMG Yes I am well aware that that questions sounds so completely WRONG, but my curiosity insists that I ask anyway!)

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