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Tuesday 19 July 2016

The Sweet Sweet Lullaby of Silence

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Can you hear that?



Well then that is good because either can I and THAT my friends is the sweet silence of the kids being back at school.

I'm actively choosing to ignore the sound of the washing machine moaning at me about the relentless pressure I am putting it under as I try to tackle Mount Washmore and it's post school holiday apocalyptic carnage and instead I am listening to the soothing sounds of the coffee machine spitting and coughing my liquid gold that I will actually get to drink whilst still hot.

I can even hear the fridge humming, loudly, and oh but it's like angels singing to me.

Now don't get me wrong with all of this... I will no doubt be cursing the end of the holidays in approximately a week give or take a few days. The novelty of the military like precision in which I have commenced our return to morning routine will have worn off, the homework will reappear in the school bags hidden underneath two day old neglected lunches and the laundry will be heaving with once white shirts soaking in buckets of napi-san... but for now, there is silence and hot coffee and damn that is good.

There is also time for me to sit here on my blog and actually write without a smallish person shoving a box of shapes under my nose, begging me for a lift to someones place or whining in my ear about how close they are to death by boredom.

I all but gave up on blogging last week.

I pretty much dropped all the balls I was trying to juggle and decided to focus all of my survival strategies on two things only - keeping the business running and keeping the kids alive.

Two things worthy of my focus I think.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a coffee to drink whilst hot, a couch to sit on that I don't need to fight for a spot on and some work to get down with all under the sweet sweet lullaby of silence.

EDIT* Scrap the fighting for a spot on the couch bit... some things just never change.

Tell me - how are your post holiday war wounds? Did you survive? Or have you already moved on two phase two where you count how many days are left to the next holidays?