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Saturday 8 March 2014

A Bucket Full of Humiliation

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When I was a kid my Mum would sit and knit on the sidelines and I never even thought to bat an eyelid. It was just Mum doing her thing and was totally normal.

These days though when I walk out the door to take my kids to sports training with my knitting or crocheting in hand they moan and carry on with the whole "Mummmmm noooooo, please don't".

"Geez WHAT? This rug ain't gonna make itself you know" is what I say to them, and then I throw in the old "What is wrong with you kids today" you know just to assert my age authority thing I've got going on.

I suppose it would it be more 'normal' for me to be sitting there texting or watching Ellen reruns on my phone whilst they train. Sheesh they should be happy I don't take my sewing machine with me and rig up a little crafty workshop with the other mums on the sidelines..... actually that's not a bad idea, I mean I'm only talking about the training sessions where you sit around bored for an hour.

I'm kind of only half joking about it being a good idea.

Deep down I know it isn't really my Nanna-ish hobby that causes them distress, it's more the method in which I transport my crochet or knitting in that they find more embarrassing. But really, what's wrong with my fabulous bright yellow bucket?

I know it is probably not the most subtle as far as buckets go - this was highlighted to me by my laughing neighbour when we were heading out to Rugby practice the other afternoon - thanks Jen! :) but it's not THAT bad is it?

So it seems that without even trying I may have actually landed upon a little disciplinary genius and found the ultimate way to humiliate my boys when they are behaving like jerks.

If they give me even the slightest hint of grief before we go anyway, I'll just threaten to bring my bucket with me.

I can't really see anyone in any of those parenting forums getting their knickers in a twist over that kind of punishment can you?

I'm telling you - pure genius!

What do you do when you are waiting on the sidelines at sports practice?
Wanna join the Bucket Brigade - the latest in new age discipline?