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Friday 4 December 2015

A Bohemian Inspired Christmas Wreath

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I may have somewhat over-exaggerated when I said the other day that I hadn't anything at all yet to get ready for Christmas.

I've done like one thing.

Yep. I've made a Christmas wreath, so that's a start right?

Granted, it's not your traditional Christmas wreath like the ones I have made in the past... it's a little bit different in that it's sorta beachy and I guess you could say boho even.

I like it.

I like that it is different to something I would usually adorn my door with, and given this year (when I eventually get around to it) I am planning on sticking with white as my main colour in our Christmas decor, this wreath is going to fit my theme as perfectly as my fingers fit cheezels.

Alright, so I admit I may have cheated a little, because this wreath didn't actually start out as a wreath.

It began it's life as a dreamcatcher  I made a week or two ago at one of our workshops, and then it just sat around in the warehouse kind of doing nothing.

I kept staring at it and promising I would eventually find it a permanent place to hang and then ... I did nothing and it just continued to sit there looking all lonely and woeful.

A packet of feathers, a hot glue gun and a bit of beach blinging later and lovely people - we have a bohemian inspired Christmas wreath.

The dream catcher part was super easy. 

I simply wrapped a metal ring with some cotton fabric strips and then I used leather thonging to attach a crochet doily to the centre of the ring.

It was then a case of hot gluing the feathers all the way around the outside of the ring and some shells on the front and Boom chaka chaka- this little dreamcatcher was pimped up and given a whole new purpose as a Christmas wreath.

Now if you really want to go and get all inspired to create your own gorgeous Christmas wreath, then you need to take yourself on a little blog hopping road trip, because today I am joining up with eleven of my fellow bloggy pals to take part in a Christmas Wreath Showcase. 

Yep 12 bloggers and their 12 Christmas wreath creations - that's enough to get your Jingle bells jingling!

Grab yourself an eggnog (do people actually drink that stuff?) and follow the links below to check out all the other gorgeous blogger's wreaths and Christmassy creations.

Happy Christmas Blog Hopping!

Mum Little Loves - http://mumlittleloves.com.au/christmas-wreath-showcase 

Do you have a traditional wreath on your front door, something a little different or maybe nothing at all?
What style / theme are you decorating with this Christmas?