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Wednesday 2 December 2015

In a Christmas Tizz

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Hello lovely people!

Can you believe we are already in December and Christmas is practically yanking at our ankles?!

I don't know about you, but I am SO FAR behind in getting anything organised for Christmas, and by far - I mean I haven't even entered the gates.

Heck I'm still in the bloody stables snoring my head off!

I haven't put up my tree, I haven't played a single Christmas song and for crying out loud - I HAVEN'T even started shopping yet!

This is seriously the most behind I have EVER been when it comes to Christmas and sweet baby cheeses I am starting to hyperventilate just writing about this.

Breathe Sonia Breathe.

So last week I was invited to a gorgeous Christmas Craft lunch by Ferrero Rocher.

We arrived at Acme in Rushcutters Bay to the most divine gold chocolaty oasis and we spent the afternoon crafting, chatting and eating, drinking the most moreish grapefruit spritzers and stealing chocolates from the incredible displays.

Hey - it's chocolate!

Like that WASN'T going to happen!

Because I cannot do the styling any justice with my words, I took a zillion snaps of the event to share with you instead.

At the end of the epic photo story is a video tutorial where you can make the sweetest (pun intended) table decorations for your Christmas table using Ferrero Rochers in under 2 minutes.

For the win!

I am starting to breathe again... for now. And maybe I'll just give everyone a shitload of Ferrero Rochers for Christmas. That wouldn't be all that bad now would it?


Are YOU all organised for Christmas yet or are you totally stressing out like me?
Are you feeling the Christmas Spirit yet?

For more Christmas craft ideas from Ferrero Rocher, checkout their Facebook page here.