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Thursday 8 September 2011

The New Pool

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We were always envious of our friends who would turn up to the kids sports practise with wet hair on a stinking hot day - we just knew they had been swimming in their own little piece of backyard paradise.

So this year we decided - if you can't beat them, join them. No not in their pool, but in our own glorious outdoor bath. Now I'm not really joking when I say outdoor bath as our backyard is really kind of small, so the pool we chose to have installed is 6m x 4m. Not huge, but big enough to entertain our lively tribe and room for me to laze on a deck chair with my tipple of choice (Vodka and Soda in case you're buying).

This was our backyard before.

So you can see it really was a tiny area we were working with.

The first thing we did was get a number of different companies in to quote us on different types of fibreglass pools (concrete really wasn't in our budget or our time frame).
We chose a company called Coral Reef Pools and a month later we were on our way to backyard bliss.

They dug the hole on the Tuesday....

The pool went in on the Wednesday....

It was filled with water by that afternoon.

OK so I know it doesn't look like the haven we had in mind yet, and that was the problem. It was about now I realised that we can't just put a pool in and leave it at that. We need fencing, paving, a new outdoor entertaining area and landscaping. I should mention about now that this was not within the budget we had set, so we needed to dramatically rethink the amount of money we were investing in to this project.

At the end of the day we decided that it would be worth the investment, so we out layed for the whole backyard to be redone.

I know that sounds very extravagant and trust me - I am not an overly extravagant person (I know my hubby will laugh himself silly when he reads that statement). But we plan on spending alot of time out here with our family and friends, so we could justify it to ourselves in the end.

I won't bore you with photos of all the building work, but we had some wonderful friends who have landscaping and building businesses and we employed them to do the makeover. My wonderful hubby built the stone walls and did the landscaping. That saved me enough money to buy myself that deck chair plus a plentiful supply of Vodka.

Finally here are some of the after shots.

And here are the kids at long last enjoying the new pool. Our own little piece of backyard heaven. We still have some cosmetic work to do as well as some projects I want to do in the garden, so stay tuned.

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