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Tuesday 31 July 2012

A Blissful and Guiltfree Weekend Escape

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Well hello there and Happy Monday! Shhhh I know it's really Tuesday now and I didnt get around to blogging yesterday. I am a day behind and I basically don't give a hootin kaboot because I am as relaxed and chilled out as a walrus after our fabulous weekend away. Yes I just likened myself to a walrus...... I have no idea why either!

Well Mr Murphy behaved himself and didn't pull any sly ones on us before we left for our weekend away. Not to be outdone though, he did save one up for us when we got home, but it didnt actually stop us from going away for once.

After we took the kids to karate and soccer, dropped them off to where they were spending the weekend, and then ran through the drill with our house / dog sitters, we were finally on our way.

We headed up to The Crown Plaza at Terrigal and checked ourselves into our ocean view suite we had booked especially for my hubby's birthday getaway. 11 long years we have waited for this kidless weekend and can I tell ya, it was worth every precious minute of that waiting.

The view was to die for. Actually considering we were up on the top floor you probably would cark it if you fell from the balcony, but the vista was just divine.

We also overlooked the gorgeous hotel pool where we were amazed to see people swimming and sunbaking in bikinis - in the middle of Winter!

We could even see the ocean from the bed. This place is a little slice of heaven.

The peace and quiet was just blissful and the two of us pretty much couldn't stop grinning at each other like a couple of rogue teens who had just runaway together and we just kept saying over and over again "How good is this"!

Minutes after we had settled in, the hotel kindly sent us up a bottle of bubbly as a welcome gift. Such a sweet kind gesture and we promptly stashed it away in our bag to take home with us. No were not being pure and sober like and yes we very very grateful, it's just that we had also brought along with us in a little esky a chilled bottle of Moet one of my hubby's gorgeous customers had given us to celebrate our freedom and well faced with the decision of which bottle to crack open, the Moet won!

I had intended to take lots of photos with my DSLR this weekend, but to be honest I really couldn't be bothered lugging it around with me, so instead I just snapped away with my phone. I looked like a proper tourist taking photos of anything and everything. Come on I was a little excited.

As darkness fell, we started getting all excited about our night out with no babysitter curfews. After frocking up in our fancy pants we headed out for cocktails. And if all the champagne and childless freedom of the afternoon wasn't enough to send us totally giddy, the pre dinner cocktails well and truly did the job. We were laughing and giggling and being gushingly smoochy like those newly loved up couples it's sometimes really embarrassing to be around - actually I was pretty much embarrased to be around us myself.

This was just what we needed, to let our hair down and just laugh and remember exactly why we have blissfully been together for 21 years.

As we walked to the restaurant from the cocktail bar I checked my phone and saw a missed call from home. I quickly dialled home all the while holding my breath and hoping everything was ok. It was. But one of my boys had called to say goodnight and I consequently copped an earful from a certain 11 year old who proceeded to chastise me for not being responsible and answering my phone when he called. Apparently when I hadn't answered he began to get worried about us and in future we really should listen more carefully for our phone when we are out! Ummm helloooo who's the parent here? I'm sure he will get many an opportunity to pay us back for the worries in the years ahead.

And so half tanked and hungry enough to eat the hind leg off an elephant we finally made it to dinner. Oh man to eat a dinner at a leisurely pace without having to worry about apologising to fellow diners for an escaped munchkin crawling under their table, numerous bathroom visits, telling kids to sit down and behave or having to cut up meals for anyone - it was such a novelty and we could not stop feeling like we were a couple of phonies playing at being grown ups.

I tell you, we gorged ourselves on so much good food. We had Entrees, mains AND we shared a dessert. I believe we were pretty much the last ones sitting there at the end of the night with the waiters eyeing us off with that look that clearly says - "Can you leave already - we want to go home"! Eventually we drained our glasses and waddled our way out of there.

Back in our room, with a quick phone call to reception, we had scored ourselves a late check out at 12pm at no extra charge. It is so worth just asking the question, as let's face it - a 10am check out is NOT what you want after a night of over indulging.

The next photo is of the view from our balcony of the most gorgeous sunrise ...... or so my hubby tells me. He took these photos as I was still well and truly in the land of lala at that ungodly hour.
After the hubstar eventually managed to drag me out of bed at *ahem* 9.30ish, we headed downstairs to top up our greedy bellies. I'm really not kidding when I tell you we ate a lot this weekend!

It was the most fantabulous weekend away and if I am totally honest, I really didn't feel much of that dreaded mother's guilt at all. I missed them - yes - but guilt? Nah ah! I can understand now why so many people have encouraged us to just get away for a weekend, just the two of us and it has been officially decided that this is something that we will do for ourselves and our relationship once a year from here on in.

Now I mentioned earlier that Mr Murphy didn't exactly let us get off scott free didn't I? Hmmmm an evening at the hospital with our middle son on the night we got home gave us a little reminder that you never mock My Murphy and his laws of the universe. It seems yet another one of our boys has been struck down with tick allergy and will most likely be allergic to mammal protein as well. So he now totes an epi-pen and appetite for seafood! Our weekly food bill just went up a buck or fifty. Ouch!

But as I sat in that hospital waiting room, all I kept thinking to myself was "Wowsers how chilled out and relaxed am I being about this whole situation.

I do believe a nice weekend away will do that too you!

On another note - does anyone have any natural detterants for ticks that you know about?