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Saturday 7 December 2013

Hit The Deck....DUDE! It's Another Christmas Giveaway

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    "A front flip off our brick letter box resulting in a double compound fracture, 3 operations and six different plaster casts. Needless to say I nearly went grey overnight."

    I always pictured myself with 1 boy and 2 girls.

    When I fell pregnant the first time I used to imagine Carl and myself standing at the check out in Woolies. In my mind, our oldest daughter would be perched up on Carl's shoulders and sitting quietly in the trolley was our baby girl smiling away at the world.

    Shopping was a pleasant experience in my imagination, fun even. Carl and I would smile serenely at each other whilst our fellow shoppers couldn't help but stare in admiration at this perfect little family unit.

    I have no idea WHY my fantasy involved a supermarket, it just did.

    I still think about that old fantasy of mine a lot ... usually as a distraction when I am standing at the check out and my older child is perched on top of the middle one's back in a wrestling hold and instead of sitting quietly in my trolley, my 6 year old (baby) is busy pulling stuff out of someone else's trolley and replacing them with random items.

    Oh I do get the staring bit from my fellow shoppers, but it is usually more of the open mouth kind train wreck kind as my boys create chaos and make the most amount of noise that is humanly possibly whilst I stand there with my eyes closed counting to 10 over and over again and try not to lose my shit.

    I'm used to the noise level now... sort of... kind of... oh I wish that was really true!

    I have grown to like a selection of ball games and I am even okay with shopping for boys clothes and accessories instead of the pretty girly stuff I always imagined myself choosing.

    I do however, struggle with some of their choice of activities, including skateboarding if I'm honest.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's a really cool sport.

    It's just the whole "MUM look at me Kick Flip and fracture my bum" and "MUM MUM take a photo of me losing all the skin on my elbows" that kind of gets to me.

    Oh man and the endless videos they make and photos they make me take. They make me follow them around with cameras in the hope that people might look and go "Dude - Is that some legend Skate Trio?" Only they are not quite at legendary status yet, they are still at the 'make sure the freezer is fully stocked with ice packs' stage.

    But at least they look the part.

    The gang from World Industries recently sent the boys some clothes from their Summer 2013 range and my gnarly little dudes were in skater heaven.Seriously they had swagger in their new duds and insisted we head straight to the local skate park (which legally speaking isn't really a skate park but more of an observation deck at the beach kind of thing) so that they could test them out whilst they do their thing.
    Within minutes of being there, the oldest of my crew attempted a jump, misjudged and cracked the edge of the deck with this back and completely winded himself. Once he recovered and was sure he had a decent enough bruise on his back to give him the appropriate amount of street cred when he showed his mates, he was back on the board and tricking again.

    I didn't recover quite as quickly and I retreated to my more pleasant daydream of my girls and I in the supermarket.

    According to my boys - World Industries are radical, which I am assured is totally a good thing. They are the one of the oldest most recognised brands in the skate industry and they were responsible for redefining skating as a street based activity. 

    Now that has cred.

    You can shop their latest range at Target and I am giving one of you guys the chance to win a World Industries shirt and a pair of shorts for your own skater dude.

    Just tell me in 25 words or less, what activity your kids do that leaves your heart in your mouth?

    Follow the Rafflecopter Prompts below and you are in the running. The competition is open now and closes next Sunday 15/12/13 at 7pm AEST. It is only open to Australian residents sorry.

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