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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Wreath Gathering

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Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday than sitting in Centennial Park at a large rustic table heavy with the most delicious earthy food offering and chatting to like minded people?

Me either.

And then add to that sitting together and creating beautiful wreaths out of the most divine smelling wildflowers and I am in creative heaven.

That's exactly how I spent my Sunday after being treated to this amazing experience by a special friend.

We were there for a Wreath Gathering put on by the incredibly talented stylist Emma Duckworth, and when I say talented, I am sooooo understating. Just look at the gorgeous styling of the communal table.

There is something so therapeutic about sitting cross legged on the ground and sorting through freshly picked flowers, but there is also something so incredibly frustrating about trying to make your wreath look free and whimsical.

Do you know how flipping hard free and whimsical is for an OCD freak to master?

You've got to hand it to Emma and all the other talented stylists who manage to make everything look so perfectly casual, you know what I mean? It's a gift, a knack if you will to be able to just casually place something here or sit something there and make it look like there is no where else it should or could possibly be.

My wreath wasn't so perfect, but that's ok as the best bit was in the creating, the meeting of others and the quietness of mind that came with being outside in such a beautiful place.

It is days like these that remind you that we need this, to just stop and do something for ourselves for a while and it is days like these that make you feel incredibly grateful for special friends that are so kind and thoughtful to make it happen.