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Friday 16 October 2015

An Extra Bouncy Kind of Limp Into The Weekend

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I am ending the week with an extra bouncy bounce in my step today... OK it's a bouncy limp because, you know - bad legs and all that, but it's an extra bouncy kind of limp all the same.

I spent a lovely few hours at the Boathouse Shelly Beach today gasbagging with a gorgeous bloggy pal (hence the overload of food and flower images today) and it (and she) were such a nice way to end the week on a really high note.

We need to focus on more of the good stuff in life don't you think?

I have to tell you, I get so worn down by hearing about all the crappy stuff going on around us all the time. I wish we had a good news only program we could tune into that focuses only on the good things happening.

I'm serious!

Every day the news seems to be full of sad or confronting things... maybe it is for that reason some people find they can only ever focus on talking about the bad stuff too.

It can be exhausting being around people whose conversations are always so heavily based on the bad news stories or sad news stories they feel they need to share.

There is one particular person I know (a friend of a friend I have met a couple of times kind of situation) who I actually go to great lengths to avoid if I see her at the shops or out and about because whenever I do bump into her, all she ever talks about is who died, who is dying, who has been killed and who did what terrible thing.

I honestly don't think I have ever heard her talk about anything positive and I'm afraid to even ask how she is because before she even opens her mouth, I already know that she has been sick, her family have all been sick, her Uncle bozo's brother in law's brother lost his toenail in a lawn mower accident and her daughter's friend's mother just had her favourite garden gnome stolen by the neighbourhood hooligan and now she is too scared to leave the house in fear he has a personal vendetta against her and her remaining gnomes because people are SO BAD YOU KNOW.. or something like that.

You get the idea.

Why do we give so much attention to the negative when there are good things to talk about?

Now don't get me wrong, life isn't always a bed of roses and sadly we don't always have much in the way of good news to share. But dear Lord news people - give us something, even just something little before launching into all the scary stuff!

I don't think we as people talk enough about the good stuff that happens to us. You know the things that are making us happy, the kind things people do and the reasons we might feel like celebrating.

Why do you think that is?

Do you think it is because we are scared of making other people feel bad if we have something good to talk about?

Why does bad news travel faster than good?

Anyways - here's a good thing that happened to us this week and it is the reason for my extra bouncy limp.

Last weekend my ten year son old lost his iPad. He was skating home with a friend and somehow his iPad fell out of his backpack and he didn't notice until he got home... and then all hell broke lose.

He was beside himself.

A big storm was brewing and the race was on to retrace his steps, but unfortunately our search was fruitless and once the rain set in we pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that his iPad was gone and the chances of him getting it back in working condition was probably as likely as me winning a running race...

Not very likely at all.

Oh my God my heart broke for him. He was devastated and spent all week crying and hating himself for losing it.

And then Wednesday night we received a phone call from his little friend's mum who told us about and email her son received someone saying he has found Sam's iPad and was trying to track down the owner.

He and his wife had been visiting the area when they noticed the iPad lying on the path and after looking at the photos they realised that the iPad belonged to a child and so they were even more determined to find it's owner.

Bless them and their awesomeness. When I saw the pure joy on Sam's face when we told him, I just wanted to drive to where they are so I could throw my arms around them and kiss them... but I didn't because ummm that would be kinda awkward.

Instead, we will drive to where they are tomorrow and Sam has used the money he has been saving up for a new skateboard, to buy them a voucher so that they can have breakfast at a local cafe. It's his way of saying thank you... his equivalent to me accosting them with hugs and kisses.

So you can see why I am bouncing all over the shop now can't you? Doesn't it make you feel good to know that there are some awesomely good people in the world? More than I think we give this place credit for... and certainly more than we hear about.

OK, now here's where I go and contradict myself... because I am the bearer of bad news in this case I'm sorry.

This weekend it is just Zoe and myself for our Weekend Rewind as our lovely Bron is in hospital and she will be for at least a few more days. She is doing OK, and I understand she is feeling a little bit better than she did yesterday, but she needs to get even betterer... (that is SO a word).

So Bron our lovely friend - we are all sending you our love to you by the truck full, and we hope you are back on your feet and fighting fit as soon as possible.

Feel free to leave Bron a message and I will make sure she gets it.

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Now have a good weekend you lot.. and by good - I mean GOOD!