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Friday 16 October 2015

Win an EPSON EcoTank Expression Printer Valued at $499

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"This is on the top of my shopping list at the moment, because I've fallen head over heels with watercolour painting, and am doing everything I can to make it into a business (and now I've officially put it out there.....EEEEEEK!!!).
Our current printer just doesn't cut it, what with all the school assignments it has to spit out.
The first thing I would print would be a custom painting, with a big THANK YOU on it xx 


Why is it that printers always run out of ink right when you are in the middle of printing a really important presentation, or your school age child is printing off an assignment that is due upon the ring of the school bell at 9am?

Its Murphys Law you know - you will ALWAYS run out when it is the most inconvenient.

It is no wonder our printer cartridges run out so quickly at home. I mean, between me using our printer for work and printing off all the gorgeous typography prints I am currently addicted to, and the kids printing of reams of colouring in or full page photos because Look Mum, Im making a magazine!, we dont stand a chance.

Its a scene any parent of a child old enough to press print will be familiar with - walking into the room where your printer is and finding half a forest scattered on the floor, your printer practically hemorrhaging ink, and just knowing that you know you are going to pretty much need to take out a second mortgage to replace the ink.

Well. What if I told you that you there is a new printer that comes with up to 2 years of 
ink, 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour to be precise.
Would you be excited? Because thats a WHOLE LOT of colouring in and homemade magazines you know!

Better yet, when your ink does eventually run out on you, what if it was only going to cost you $16.99 for a replacement bottle of ink to refill?

Did you just get a little giddy?

If you did, then good, because I did and that is EXACTLY the reaction the gang at Epson were hoping to get from us.

The Epson EcoTank range of printers come with a high-capacity ink tank where the ink is supplied continuously to the printer. There are no expensive ink cartridges to replace, in fact with the use of 4 ink bottles (black, cyan, magenta and yellow) there are no cartridges to change, ever. EVER.

If your ink starts to run low, you simply top up the tank and can continue printing without any interruption or expensive outlay for replacement cartridges…

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend the launch of Epson’s exciting new product range that would revolutionise household and home office printing in Australia, and I was promised that the unveiling would knock my socks off.

Ill be honest, I am a wee bit technically challenged at times and I was also wearing sandals on the day, so the exciting promise of having my socks knocked off by anything techy was nothing less than one mighty big call.

But I was impressed.

Very impressed actually!

Lets face it, all you need to do is drive along a street at council pick up time, or pay a visit to your local to tip and you will literally find a ridiculous amount of printers dumped and abandoned and putting additional stress on an already struggling landfill situation.

You see, the problem is you can buy printers for next to nothing these days, but the cost of the replacement ink cartridges for those cheap printers is enough to pretty much cripple your finances and make your cheap printer suddenly become one of your more expensive purchases.

Paper aside, once you purchase your EcoTank printer, most of the costs associated with printing are already paid - that is a pretty impressive selling point as far as Im concerned. Add in the fact that you can connect wirelessly to your printer and print direct from your smart phone or tablet and scan and save documents direct to the cloud and well thats all that was needed to convince this particular non techy mum of 3 school age tree killers.

The freedom to print what you want, when you want and without the burden of expensive refills it is a pretty big deal in my books.

But don't just take my word for it! Try it out for yourself.

Order now, and you can also receive an additional 1 year bonus warranty on your Epson EcoTank if you register your purchase online within 30 days here.

More peace of mind right?!

We like it!

You can purchase the Epson EcoTank (starting at $449) direct from theEpson website here, or you can check out the range in person at your local Harvey Norman Store

or better yet

Leave me a comment below telling me why winning an Epson Expression ET2550 would totally rock your world and YOU could WIN one of these babies for yourself.

Yep the gang at Epson want one of YOU to have the chance to enjoy one of their awesome new EcoTank on them - and so they have given me an Epson Expression ET2550 valued at $499 to give away to one of you guys.

So tell me then;

How would winning one of these make a difference to your family or business?
Whats the first thing you would print if you won this for yourself?