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Saturday 22 April 2017

Less and More

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I remember reading this Less and More post over at the gorgeous With Grace & Eve a couple of weeks back, and it has kind of stuck with me.

At the time I recall thinking - HELL YES, I'm gonna do that right now... but then I must have gotten distracted by squirrels or something because it just hasn't happened... yet.

But the fact that it kept popping into my head made me promise myself that as soon as I should find myself with a spare 15 minutes or so, I would make myself a cuppa and sit down and write my own less and more list.

So, ahhh, this is kinda happening now ok?!

Less and More -  two very simple words that if we somehow manage to apply them to the things we do in our everyday life - BOOM what a difference we could make.

Instead of just dreaming about something we want to do or achieve, we can actually snatch it by the big old hairy toes, give it a yank and say "COME 'ERE BIG FELLA!"


That sounded all kinds of wrong huh?

*cough cough* It wasn't really the visual I was meaning to conjure up.

Let's try again.

So the idea is that you choose some things you wish to do less of or give less effort to, and replace them with things you want more of.

Simple Pimple right?

OK, Let's do this.

Less routine, more spontaneity

Less gin, more mineral water... SNORE****

Less manic, more mindful

Less stuff, more memories

Less choice, more simplicity

Less rushing, more sitting

Less noise, more silence

Less screens and technology, more books

Less work at night, more romance

Less worry about stuff I can't control, more being thankful for what I can

Less overthinking, more doing

Just thinking about those changes makes me feel calmer. 

Thanks Elisa... I needed to do that.

Ok, your turn. Want to have a go?

It's ok, I will sit here and practice my silence wait whilst you make yourself a cuppa and write your list.