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Monday 3 April 2017

Who Gave Him Permission To Go And Grow Up On Us?

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The days seem to be getting shorter and the months passing by quicker lately.

I remember my grandmother once saying that to me and at the time I recall looking at softy wrinkly face and wondering when exactly it was that she lost her marbles. 

How can time ever go fast or slow? Isn't time just time?

I think that's because when you are a kid, time seems to stretch on endlessly.

A birthday party or a sleepover that you are looking forward to in a week or two seems to take a lifetime to come around.

School Holidays last foreeeeeeever but the time in between lasts even longer.

Now, any holidays are over as quick as a fart.

Why is that?

Why does time move so much faster the older that we get?

Is it because we try to fill every hour of the day with something from our never-ending to-do-lists and because often as adults we are so focused on timelines and deadlines that we have lost the ability to to do nothing for a while and to ever allow ourselves to get… you know, like bored?

I sat on the couch the other night having a bit of a snuggle with my nearly 16 year old boy. 

I’m so grateful he is still wants to sit and snuggle (OK... lean on me) for a chat and allow me to ask him the million and one questions about all the things that as a mother I both want and need to know about what is going on in his teenage world.

“Do you still love your Mummy?” I asked him, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it anyway.

He responded with a smile and then kissed my forehead.


My BABY kissed MY forehead.

My 6 foot tall size 12 hoofer with hairy bits man child kissed MY freaking forehead.

I swear only last week I was wiping his bum and chopping up his eggy soldiers into bit size pieces…. SO WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???

Who gave him permission to go and get all grown up and man like on us?

Time is what happened. Age put a good old boot in there too.

Next thing you know he’ll be buying MY adult diapers, running me to bingo and booking me in for denture fittings whilst I sit there and tell him about how the years are going by faster and all the while he will be staring at my soft wrinkly face and wondering who the feck stole MY marbles.

Kind of dramatic, but not really right?

Ahhhhh slow down!!!

I'm so not ready to be all old and stuff yet.

Have you ever driven somewhere and then suddenly realised you cant actually recall the driving part of getting there... 
you're just kind of there?!

Do you ever looked at your kids and felt the same way? Like how did you get from being so little to.... THIS???