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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Backyard Bachie Session Like NO Other

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If we are Snapchat buddies, you might possibly have seen me trot myself off into the city yesterday for the launch of the new Epson Home Theatre Projectors.

It's also likely you would have seen my pre event nerves and psych up session and then of course the relief I felt when the event was over and I realised that everyone was super nice and I didn't make a complete dick of myself in front of a bunch of people I don't know.

It's a very real fear of mine people... a VERY real fear.

I digress.

Now I'm not one to typically be turned on by all the techy sort of stuff we see online. 

I mean sure, when I see something pretty cool I'm impressed by it for like maybe five minutes or so and I'm all "mmm wow that's pretty epic" but then I get distracted by pretty pictures on Pinterest and the ice melting in my gin and tonic and the moment is over. 

However upon seeing the new home theatre projectors in action yesterday at the Epson do, well they stirred up a little something up and got me thinking about... backyard movies nights and OMG - BACKYARD BACHIE SESSIONS.

Hell yes!!

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OK so I know right at this very moment, most of us living down under are huddled under piles of blankets with our feet warmly ensconced in Uggies... but when that weather warms up BAM, it's sooo on like Donkey Kong.

I've seen a zillion and one images on Pinterest of backyard cinemas and I've always wondered "who the hell has that kind of technology in their home?" 

Well apparently this kind of technology is readily available to all of us via Epson's portable movie projectors. 

I always thought that projectors would reduce the quality of what you are viewing... make it all dark and grainy like. 


These things are mind blowingly awesome and the quality of image and the all important colour brightness - is better (in my opinion) than the overpriced HDI TV we spent far too much money on at home.

Just don't tell my husband I said that - OK.

Image source left | Image source right

Alright, if we are going to pull of THE ultimate backyard movie night, we are going to need a few key elements in our bag of tricks.

Fear not, I've done all the thinking for you and put together a list of backyard movie night essentials.

You are SO welcome.

1: Now since it was the new Epson the EH-TW8300 & EH-TW9300W Home Theatre Projectors powered by 3LCD technology I was introduced to yesterday that ignited my itch for a backyard movie night, I thought it twas only right to give it top billing... besides these fandangle new projectors are mighty sweet and all the word is the other projectors out there cannot compete with the colour brightness of these beauties.

2: Lighting is crucial for any outdoor event (even an amateur backyard one), and absolutely crucial if you are going to have your own Bachie style rose ceremony. Whilst bright might be good when it comes to movie projectors, we'll be wanting some more of the ambient type of mood lighting to set the scene. These String Lights from Freedom ought to do the trick.

3: Brace yourselves for it my friends... not everyone is a Bachie fan, so go for the next best thing and load up on a pile of Chick Flicks. I personally am hanging to see this new Mother's Day movie.

4: You don't want mozzies ruining your buzz (pardon the pun) so a few Smith & Co Citronella from Everton scattered around the place should take care of that.

5: It goes without saying, no movie session should be without popcorn by the bucket load.

6: if you are not plonked in a pool of some sort, then you are going to need something comfy to lounge around on. These Outdoor Lounges from Down That Little Lane will totally work in my opinion.

7: You need Drumsticks by the box load... yep say no more.

8: When you are comatose on your comfy couches full of popcorn and ice cream and drunk on romance then these Cosy blankies from Aura Home would be the perfect things to snuggle under.

8. Ok last but by no means least - can we just pause for a moment to absorb these swinging chairs from Archiproducts.

I mean can you even?! They are like little cocoons suspended from the trees.

I know it's taking it up a notch or three you guys but - oh sweet baby cheeses - can you seriously imagine movie night in those?!

So who's up for movie night?
What would you be watching on your big screen?