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Thursday, 18 August 2016

I'm Invisible - What's Your SuperPower?

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and confess to you guys about a weird dream or dream theme that I frequently have.

In my dreams... sometimes... often enough that maybe I should be a little worried... I find myself in someones home, only I'm not actually supposed to be there and just as I realise this the people whose home I am in arrive home and just when I'm at risk of them seeing me, I turn myself invisible and I run up into the air and I fly out the window.


It's all good... I'll let you digest that info for a moment.

OK you're done.

Look you are totally forgiven for now thinking that I am an even bigger fruit loop than you may have given me credit for and quite possibly if a psychologist were to analyse my dreams, they too would indeed bless me with a fruit loop title.

I wonder what it means... my dream that is?

Do you think it is perhaps my subconscious trying to give me a message?

Is it telling me I'm nosier than I should be?

Is it telling me I that deep down inside I wish I was invisible, but really I am just delusional?

Am I having flashbacks to a past life where I was some kind of creepy peeping Tom?

Cripes, is it all of the above?

Anyway... the whole point of my confession is that various elements of this reoccurring dream led me to put some thought into superpowers and in particular, if I won like some kind of magical lottery and I could choose one superpower to have, what would I choose?

Let's face it - apart from being a fruit loop, I'm also a bit of a greedy guts and there is NO way I could possibly narrow my choice down to just one superpower and so I am going to choose two... because it's my blog and therefore it's my rules and so with all that said - the first superpower I'm gonna choose is;


Deadset, can you imagine just how fun being able to turn invisible at the click of a finger would be?

We have all wanted to be a fly on the wall at some stage of our life right?

The thing is though, I don't want to actually be a fly because flys kinda suck and they make a really annoying noise... which to be fair - my kids would probably argue that the noises coming out of me are annoying too, but I wanna be me... only you can't actually see it's me cause I'm all stealth like and invisible and shit and therefore I get to go wherever I want and you'll never ever even know that I am there.

I'm also quite possibly the world's biggest sticky beak and so I would love to take a little peek at people just living their life and doing what they do everyday when they don't think anyone is watching.

It's kinda like how I enjoy walking the neighbourhood in the early evening in summer when people's windows and blinds are open and for just a few moments I can get a little glimpse into their life as I walk by.

I'm not the only one who enjoys that am I?

Maybe I might invisibly visit some of the houses that give me house envy, and you know - just hang out invisibly with the family for a while and see what it would be like to live there with them in their fancy house.

Perhaps I'll spy on my kids and see what they really get up to at school, with their friends or when the are at home and we are not there to to be all parental on them.

How cool would it be to invisibly hangs out with some celebs and see what sort of normal stuff they get up to when they are just hanging at home.

The opportunities are limitless.

OK, so since I'm about as greedy as I am nosey, I'm just going to go ahead and grab myself another superpower out of the bucket thanks very much and that second superpower I choose would be;



I wanna fly and for no other real reason other than MAN that would be so freaking cool to just fly wherever I want to and holy crap...  can you imagine how it would impress the pants off strangers in the street when I just casually float up into the air in front of them?

Alright dreamers, it's your turn to go ahead and choose...

What would be YOUR Superpower of choice and WHY?
OK... go on then, take two if you like!