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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Would You Rather...?

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I have been SUCH a slack blogger of late.

I'm like a kid who goes to the shop, picks out a fancy new diary, takes it home, sits down with one one of those cute little pens all ready to write the million and one things playing dodge ball in her head... sits down and writes;

Dear Diary....

And then notices a chip in her nail polish so goes off to fix that, gets distracted by a bowl of Cheetos and proceeds to forget all about the bit where she was writing in the diary.

Or something like that.

Anyway, there's this game we often play with the kids.

Correction... the kids throw these questions at me whilst I am chauffeuring them around and since I am a helpless captive I have no choice but to strain my brain and answer their hypothetical malarkey.

Secretly, between you and me and the rest of the world... I like to play this game and so I thought it would be fun to throw some of these sorts of questions over to you... just because why the hell not and all that.

OK so here is the deal - I give you two choices and you give me one answer. I'm warning you though, there is no rhyme or reason with these questions or your answers... it's just kind of for... ummm fun?

Don't worry about the minor details of possibility and reason. Just choose an answer and write them in the comments below.

1. Would you rather;
a: Be stranded on a deserted island with no friends or family, or
b: Be a celebrity who is followed by the paparazzi absolutely everywhere and have zero privacy, even when you go to the toilet?

2. Would you rather:
a: Eat only bread and water for the rest of your life or
b: Eat whatever you want except once a week you have to eat bull's balls / testicles... for the rest of your life?

Hey, it's 11pm at night, my brain is tired so no judging me or my befuddled mind alright.

3. Would you rather:
a: live in the biggest fanciest house you can possibly imagine with millions of dollars hidden in your cupboard... but live 500km away from your nearest neighbour or shop or
b: live in your car in the city but everything you want to do, or eat is free?

4: Would you rather:
a: Have dreadlocks or
b: Have your head shaved?

I warned you... no rhyme and no reason

5: Would you rather:
a: Have finger nails so long you can't pick anything up, or
b: have toenails so long you can't walk?

6: Would you rather:
a: Be confined to bed for a whole week with nothing to read and no TV to watch, or
b: Be banned from sleeping for a whole week (nope no napping) but you can do whatever you want?

OK go for it... give me your answers and feel free to throw a hypothetical or two my way too and I will answer in the comments below.

What would you rather? 
You know if you HAD to choose one or the other?